• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Boakai overtakes George Weah by 800 votes

Boakai overtakes George Weah by 800 votes

The most recent information provided by the National Elections Commission of Liberia shows Former Vice President Joseph Boakai is now 800 votes ahead of President George Weah.

Boakai, who had been trailing Weah for the previous three days, now has 748,463 votes, or 43.70% of the total, while Weah is closely behind with 747,578 votes, or 43.65% of the vote. These results come from 5,467 of the 5,890 voting locations, which suggests that the counting is almost over, the Liberian Observer reported.

Boakai and Weah have alternated holding the top position ever since the election results were originally made public on October 10th. Weah took the lead for three days in a row, showing significant strength in the polls. With only 800 votes separating him from the lead, Boakai has made a spectacular return.

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The outcomes reveal a country that is deeply divided between two capable leaders who have different ideas for Liberia’s future. Boakai, who served as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s vice president, stands for a more traditional and moderate political stance, whilst former football star Weah promotes a more populist and change-oriented agenda.

The stakes for the upcoming days of counting and tallying have been elevated by this close race, which has the nation’s attention. International and domestic observers have been keeping a close eye on the situation and praising Liberia for its commitment to an open and democratic electoral process.