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Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede, developing leaders, empowering women

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Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede, CEO is founder of Yetunde Global Consulting LLC, a management consulting firm which specialises in leadership development and training, organisational management and global business strategies. She is also the founder and executive director of Young Women’s Guide, an organisation that provides mentorship opportunities, women empowerment events, resources and opportunities to give back and get involved with various philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives geared toward women and girls’ development. Yetunde is the creator of Putting Your Best Self Forward, an online forum that provides personal and professional advice. She is an adjunct faculty member of Political Science at Rutgers University, where she teaches comparative and world politics. She was chosen as one out of thirty Most Intriguing Africans in New York by Applause Africa Magazine. She was also chosen by Eminent Leaders Magazine as #1 on a top 20 list of the Most Outstanding Nigerians and was also selected as Eminent Leader’s-Emerging Personality of the Year. She is an international motivational speaker, entrepreneur, TV/radio personality, educator, author, writer, humanitarian and philanthropist. Yetunde is a graduate of the United Nations Worldview Institute, an executive training programme for business executives and professionals in the field of Global Business and International Affairs. She is also a graduate of the Eagleton Institute of Politics. She received her master’s degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Law from Rutgers University, and her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a double minor in Organisational Leadership and Africana Studies from Rutgers University.

Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede
Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede

YG Consulting

Yetunde Global Consulting (YG Consulting) is a management consulting firm, specializing in leadership development and training, organizational management and global business strategies. Our practical approach enables our clients to boost performance, improve outcomes and craft effective solutions to complex problems. Our services are designed specifically to help businesses, organizations and professionals to be more focused, more efficient, and more effective leaders. Utilizing industry and functional expertise, Yetunde Global Consulting goes beyond the norm to achieve results.

Young Women’s Guide, Inc

Young Woman’s Guide, Inc, is a non-profit organization founded by Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede to provide young women of all backgrounds with holistic leadership development. We offer  Leadership Training, Public Speaking, Image Development, Career Development, Personal Empowerment, Confidence & Self-Esteem Building, Entrepreneurship, Health & Mental Wellness, Emotional Development, Public Service Initiatives and Cultural Immersion Trips.

Celebrating women

It is a thing of joy when you see a fellow woman succeeding because a real woman rejoices in not only her success but in the success of other women. Various women have mentored me and poured a lot into me, it is only wise to do same and if we all keep this positive circle going, the world will be a better place. Trust me, the sky is wide enough for everyone to succeed.”

Africa is blessed

Africa is blessed with various reserves and their participation in foreign investment and other positive business initiatives is worth commending. Having said that, issues like corruption, terrorism, poverty, political instability must not be allowed to have a hold on them so it doesn’t deter the potential of sustainable growth and development

My Inspiration

I am inspired by President Barack Obama for his fortitude and inspiring life, Oprah for her philanthropic endeavours, Bill Clinton for being so personable and able to achieve so much through his Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. I am inspired by my mother’s class, grace and hard work that have moulded me into the woman that I am today.

Youths and challenges in achieving their goals

Challenges will always be there but you must never let your challenges take a toll on you. Believe in yourself, your dreams and everything you stand for, never feel inferior in any way and understand that your talents are unique to you, discover them and use them positively to impact your life positively and the world as a whole. With God on your side, you are simply unstoppable.

People can’t give you what they don’t have

Don’t expect people to give you what they don’t have. They can’t give you love, if they don’t have it. They can’t give you peace, if they don’t have peace. They can’t give you wisdom, if they don’t have it. They can’t give you joy if they don’t have none. Your need does not create in them the capacity to give you something they don’t possess. The answer to your problems is not around you, it’s within in you.

Brilliant works even in the diaspora

There is nothing as important as being focused. I have always known what I want to be and the business I want to do or what line of study to trail and I could do this because I know what I want. My passion is my drive and God’s unending support and gifts have always made way for me.

Being on several boards

To be on any board, you must have already been a leader in any chosen field. I am contented with the policies and schemes of organisations which I am on their board and as such achieving other goals at a universal level becomes an added advantage, even as I am optimistic about the effectiveness of impacting positive change.

Public speaking

I have mastered seven categories of public speaking and have worked on creating various conferences, lectures and symposiums on women empowerment and leadership development and training. I am comfortable and confident in my public speaking ability and, most importantly, being able to connect and empower others through my talks.

Knowing your worth means understanding that you bring value to the world. At times, you may find yourself in situations that make you question who you are, challenge you to comprise your values or make decisions that do not honor who you are.

Know your worth

I learned that knowing my worth goes far beyond just thinking it or saying it; I must act on it. Knowing your worth means that you value your time, your experiences, your knowledge, you’re uniqueness and your body. The value that you have for your self will also apply to your relationships. Honoring yourself means that you are making a conscious effort to seek and build relationships with people who respect you and value your friendship or courtship. Never lower your standards to impress anyone. You are unique, special and one of a kind and that is more than enough. Do not let anyone make you feel less than who you are. The journey of life is filled with making mistakes and growing pains. Embrace your failures and mistakes, for they will build you into a stronger person. Your experiences both personally and professionally are also worthy and have value; never compare your achievements to those of offers. By doing so, you discount your own unique journey and the experiences you’ve had along the way which have contributed to your growth. Know your worth.

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