• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Saco… for your listening pleasure



In the beginning

Growing up for me was great. I am the 1st born of 8 children from a polygamous family. I started in a private school but had to change to a public school because my parent couldn’t afford the school fees after my dad lost his job. But I thank God for taking me through the process

Journey into the world of Comedy

I will say comedy is a gift to me from God that comes naturally because I thought singing as a profession would be what would be my greatest source of income apart from being an accountant but, I realised I couldn’t stand anywhere without cracking a joke or making a place lively. I started comedy professionally on the 1st of October 2005 because it was my 1st time I was paid NGN5, 000 though I had started making people happy in church, my secondary school and other places.

Mentorship and mentoring others

I was mentored by role models in the comedy industry from a distance but I became close to my 1st mentor M.C Mark Cun now based in London, back in Ilorin he gave me the name SACO (SENIOR ADVOCATE OF COMEDY) and then I met Holymallam and the rest has been history. Mentoring from Holymallam opened my eyes and gave me great platforms in the gospel industry and corporate events.

I have established a foundation named SACO Academy Foundation where I have been able to influence and mentor close to 50 comperes, comedians, musicians and public speakers through the grace of God.

What Valentine means to you

Valentine is a day of giving. Fortunately, that day is my wedding anniversary and I would be getting alert for the things I would buy for my wife (lol!)

How will you spend Valentine?

I would be giving my wife and daughter a good treat because; my daughter would be 2years old 4 days after valentine so it is a double celebration fortunately, I would be anchoring an event later that evening by His Grace.

How did you propose to your wife?

I didn’t propose openly to my wife, but we both knew we were going to marry however; I gave her an engagement ring privately though she really wanted me to give her in the presence of people. I promised her I would give her after our twins arrive so I can ask her if she would still marry me…lol!

Greatest lesson of life

Life has taught me to be very humble, as I have seen people grow from nothing to something so the best you can do for yourself is to invest in people.

Day never to be forgotten

The day I will never forget was the day my car was stolen on the 7th of February 2011. It was like a dream

Advice for couples

My advice to couples is to have 100% communication, don’t assume, pray and learn to forgive each other

Plans for 2016

My plans for 2016 is to empower more people through my Foundation (SACO ACADEMY FOUNDATION)

Mandela Washington Fellowship

I recently qualified for the Mandela Washington Fellowship among the 1000 young Africans that would be going to the U.S for 6weeks to meet other Africans and Americans to work together. I am indeed grateful to God for this door He opened.

Advice to upcoming acts

My advice to young people is to keep working on themselves because there is a great platform for everyone.

Final words

The difference between Here and There is the letter “T” which signifies Time, which implies that it is just a matter of time, you would achieve your goals if you are consistent.

Kemi Ajumobi