Taliban harassment, violence against journalists continues — UN

The United Nations on Wednesday reported that harassment and violence against journalists in Afghanistan has not stopped till date.

The UN diplomatic mission in the country (UNAMA) reiterated its call on the Taliban regime to release all detained media workers and end “draconian” measures against them, including arbitrary detentions and threats.

On Tuesday, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a U.S. -based media advocacy organization, reported that four media workers had been beaten and detained in Kabul, Herat and Paktia provinces.

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The Asia Programme Coordinator of CPJ Steven Butler said “the recent increase in arbitrary detentions of media workers and journalists mark a disturbing deterioration of press freedom and the ability of the Afghan people to access accurate, timely information.

Since returning to power, the Taliban has imposed massive restrictions on the media such as forcing female TV presenters to cover their faces while on-air as well as banning soap operas.

Hundreds of Afghan journalists have escaped their country or left the profession following the complete withdrawal of international forces from the country since the Taliban took overpower.

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