• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Sight and sounds from renewed Isreal-Hamas war, as casualties keeps rising

Israel-hamas war attack on isreal by hamas (1)

The renewed fighting between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) has claimed more than 250 lives on both sides, with thousands injured as a result. Added to this growing list of casualties are more than two dozen hostages being held by Hamas.

Knowing the history between both parties, many international news agencies anticipate that this war is going to be long, brutal, and perhaps produce the most deaths since the conflict started in the 1960s.

See pictures and videos from the Hamas attack on Isreal as shared on X:

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Hamas commanders in thier Hilux van during the raid

A scene of an Hamas attack in Isreal

Early hours of the attack as captured by a global news agency

Isreali Soldiers trying to restore peace

isreali soldiers

Inferno in a part of Isreal after Hamas militants attacked Isreali residents. Cars and other physical structures are consumed in the fire as fire fighters try to put out the fire.

fire from an attack consumes cars while fire fighters try to put it off

Some Hamas militants arrested by Isreali police