• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Tech Talk: Payant a Kaduna-based fintech is cooking something

TransferWise has entered the Nigerian money transfer space.
In a conversation with BusinessDay, the company’s CEO Karmann said the target is to make transfers from pound Sterling to Naira, 20% cheaper.
That’s a lot!
Speaking about a lot, the bitcoin price hit another milestone crossing over $6,400 on Tuesday.
We spoke to Tim Akinbo, founder of Tanjalo.com and he said price is being affected by tether issue. Tether is a new blockchain technology that allows bitcoin users to convert their tokens to currencies like dollars at the exact rate.
He also said that bitcoin is not a bubble because the real value is yet to be determined.
How many of you in Lagos have heard about Payant? I bet not everyone, but it’s a company that you should watch out for in the fintech space.
Payant provides epayment services for customers in Kaduna and across the northern region. The company is enabling people with technology to participate in the financial inclusion drive.
“We’re making sure that payment isn’t as complicated as it used to be. We’re reducing the entry barriers. A mobile phone is all a merchant needs to start leveraging on our platform,”