• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Constrix Real Estate restates commitment to provide affordable, luxurious homes for Nigerians

Constrix Real Estate reinstates commitment to provide affordable, luxurious homes for Nigerians

Constrix Real Estate Development, a real estate services firm that specialises in design and construction of commercial and residential buildings has reiterated its commitment to the provision of affordable luxurious homes for middle and low-income earners.

According to the company, its affordable pricing, unique architectural designs, and more importantly its transparency and honesty with our clients set it apart.

Speaking during an interview, Nura Danmusa, the managing director of Constrix, disclosed that the fact that Constrix never borrowed a dime from any bank, or any investment house helps keep its prices in its control, adding that all the company’s projects are 100 percent off taker funded.

He however noted this has its own challenges as economic situation may affect their streams of income, thereby causing some slight delay as it concerns timely delivery.

L-R Abubakar Lawal Danmusa, Nura Lawal Danmusa and Ibrahim Lawal Danmusa

Danmusa said he has a team of people with different backgrounds and experiences that help drive the vision of the company, who are also passionate to hit their targets and realise the company’s vision.

He explained that coming from a middle class family, he knows first hand the challenges of owning a house in Nigeria especially in Abuja where he was raised.

He stressed that home ownership shouldn’t only be for the rich because in developed countries, almost everyone owns a home, however small; adding that this fact is what drives the vision at Constrix, to deliver affordable housing to the middle and low-income earners in choice locations of the country, one city at a time.

Speaking on the challenges facing the Nigerian real estate industry, Danmusa said, “The biggest challenge with Nigeria real estate is that nobody cares about the people, not even the government, not the banks or financial institutions, and not the landowners. Everyone only cares about his or her bottom line; how to maximize profit.

“As developers, we care, for two reasons; first, because we are part of the people, in fact that is why we got in the business, to solve a problem and secondly because we are the only ones that interact with the people on daily basis so we understand their challenges.

“However, most people involved in real estate are involved, do it for fat profit. For instance, most of these projects you see are done under a joint venture agreement, with developers and landowners. Now because landowners are greedy and want to maximize profit, they over value their land, which makes it difficult for a developer to build the affordable houses he dreams of delivering to the people.”

Speaking on some of the projects the company is currently working on, he said Constrix is working in Lafiya, Nassarawa State, Jos, Plateau State, Guzape and Mabushi and almost finalising two new projects in Jabi district, Uyo and Akwa Ibom State.

The managing director of Constrix said the company however deals with different challenges on daily basis ranging from financing, to land owners disputes, others.

Danmusa said success for the company is defined by the number of lives it touched, from its employees to its clients who are living happily in homes built for them, adding that looking around and seeing that you’re the reason someone own a home and is smiling is also success for Constrix.

He advised start-ups and investors who want to go into the field to be passionate and resilient to go through the entire process of challenges.

“This is critical and my advice for young entrepreneur is, you must be passionate about what you do. As for Investors, it’s the patience to trust in the brand and be supportive. We also advocate for more investors to come into the real estate space. We can achieve great things in this country as it concerns providing affordable luxury homes with the right kind of investors,” he said.