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Innoson disowns anniversary promo promising SUV

Innoson Motors has disowned what it calls a false campaign that it is giving out a free vehicle in celebration of its 15th anniversary. What has now been denounced as a fake promo, was wooing internet users with a chance to win the IVM G5 SUV after answering some questions and sharing a certain link to five groups and 20 contacts.

“Innoson is not running any promo; we are not giving out any vehicle free and we have no plans to organise any anniversary campaign of any kind for people to win,” said Innocent Chukwuma, chairman, Innoson Group of Companies. “What you are seeing on social media is the handiwork of mischief-makers, and I want to advise social media users to totally disregard the link leading to the promo, because it is fake.”

Chukwuma, described the campaign as a hoax being perpetrated by fraudulent elements, admonishing members of the public to be cautious and avoid being preyed upon.

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As the company got inundated with enquiries from the public on the promo’s legitimacy, the company issued a statement debunking the link, saying it would not be held liable in case anyone falls prey to the fraudulent activity.

Signed by Cornel Osigwe, head, Corporate Communications, IVM, the statement read in part, “Innoson Vehicles hereby disassociates itself from this notification and activities in connection to it. IVM has no relationship whatsoever with this link or any of its agents or affiliates.

“Members of the public are hereby notified that Innoson Vehicles does not and will not, require anybody to respond to such questionnaire in the name of winning a raffle.”

It further indicated all the company’s activities are on its official website ( and official social media platforms.

The company also noted its attention had been drawn to the controversy sparked by the photos of a car which some social media posts claim is the product of the IVM auto plant in Nnewi. It clarified that the vehicle called the Saroukh el-Jamahiriya or the “Libyan Rocket,” was built specially for the late Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, back in 2009, and not Innoson Motors.

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