• Friday, December 08, 2023
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Best 5 fuel-efficient Toyota cars to buy in Nigeria

Best 5 fuel-efficient Toyota cars to buy in Nigeria

Fuel efficiency is a critical thing every Nigerian buyer must look out for in a car, especially given the current economy where petrol is going out of the reach of the poor.

If you are a car user, you must consider fuel economy when buying a new car for very day use. Vehicles that use less fuel are not only better for the environment due to less pollution but are also pocket-friendly in terms of fueling.

This is where the Japanese Toyota’s range of cars comes in. The brand has long been at the forefront of fuel economy advancements, consistently leading the way in the automotive industry.

Through innovative technologies such as hybrid powertrains, efficient engines, aerodynamic designs, and lightweight materials, Toyota continuously strives to improve fuel efficiency across its vehicle lineup.

Its cars are popular for their cutting-edge technology and affordability. It has a wide range of car designs to ensure fuel efficiency without compromising style or performance.

Here are the best five fuel-efficient cars made by Toyota that you can consider if you are planning to buy a new car in Nigeria today.


The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars on Nigerian roads due to its fuel-efficient feature that rates it as one of the most pocket-friendly cars to drive in Nigeria today. Almost every Nigerian desires to own a Toyota Corolla due to its economical nature. Research has shown that the fuel economy power of Corolla ranges from 10 km/litre to 13.7 km/litre.


Toyota designed the Yaris with low running costs in mind. Though not in popular demand in Nigeria, the Toyota Yaris is another car model that is considered one of the best fuel-efficient cars, making it an excellent choice for Nigerian today where the petrol pump prices are becoming unaffordable for the poor.

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Toyota Matrix is becoming popular on Nigerian roads. Its version with a 1.8 litre engine and 4 cylinders is quite economical to use in terms of fuel efficiency. In many ways, the Matrix is like Corolla version 2.0. Its fuel economy with the base 1.8-litre engine is still quite good.


Toyota Camry, which is a very popular car on Nigerian roads, is also considered to be fuel-efficient. The fuel-efficient capacity of the Toyota Camry ranges between 9.8 km/litre and 13.6 km/litre.


The Toyota RAV4, which is also a popular brand in Nigeria, is a mini-SUV that has an in-built space to accommodate at least a family of five.

The fuel efficiency of the Toyota RAV4 ranges between 12.75 km/litre and 15.73km/litre. Therefore, if you are looking for a family car to buy that would enable you to save fuel costs, you may consider Toyota RAV4.