• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Investment Opportunities in the Nigeria Stock Market

In this episode of the Ultimate Money Show, Lolade Akinmurele talks about the investment opportunities in the stock market. Lolade Akinmurele in this Video shares some insights on how to tap into the stock market and make extra cash for yourself and your family.

He shares insights on how to start trading, what to know, and the strategy for millennials looking to get started in the stock market. ” This is the best time to get into the Stock market in Nigeria because most of the stocks listed in the market are undervalued and you can get them so cheap, hold and sell at a higher price .

Also, most unemployment rate is high in Nigeria, and the stock market is a way to make extra income. Coupled with the fact that the Inflation rate is getting high, the best way to hedge your money is to buy some stocks to make extra profits” Millennials should learn about the stock market in Nigeria, When it comes to millennial investing, cash is king. ”There are lots of opportunities out there, and i think millennials should take Advantage of it ”. Watch out for the next episode !!!