• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Driver performance incentives low on company radar


Reports have shown that more than half of businesses do not offer any incentives to drivers who show an improvement in their on-road behaviour. That’s the consensus from a latest online poll, which revealed that only 13percent of companies gave incentives to drivers to improve their performance on the road, while 34.8 percent said they did not operate such a system but would consider implementing one.

At 52.2percent, the vast majority of fleets surveyed said they did not encourage drivers to improve their behaviour and it was not something they planned to do at all.

Giles Margerison, sales director of TomTom Business Solutions, said: “It is surprising to see so few businesses offer drivers incentives for improved performance behind the wheel considering the potential implications for profitability and employee safety.

“Aside from employee payroll, fuel is the largest cost for companies offering a vehicle fleet, but it is one that can easily be addressed through the encouragement of greener, safer, more efficient driving practice.

By measuring aspects of driving style such as acceleration, harsh steering or braking and idling time and setting clear KPIs for staff, management can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

These allow for better allocation of training budgets to address areas where standards are lacking, while awards or bonuses demonstrate to strong performers that their efforts are valued. Even a small reduction in fuel consumption across the board could result in significant savings, delivering a direct boost to the bottom line.