• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Baileys unveils new bottle


It was the gathering of crème de la crème and lovers of the tasty milky cognac, Baileys, when its new look was unveiled Wednesday afternoon at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

Dubbed ladies’ favourite drink, the new look repositions the spirit in the minds of women. The new bottle is much taller, slimmer, with its shoulders heightened, to an elegant finish. The barley is more pronounced, with the same content and no change in price.

Manufactured by Guinness, the Irish cream liqueur has been sold in same bottle design since it was launched in 1974. Its traditional look was shorter and fatter than a typical bottle of spirits. Its unique creamy taste has made it the toast of most Nigerian women in the Nigerian spirit market.

Its new bottle is set out to reposition the brand in the mind of it consumers, not only Nigerians but across nations, as the manufacturer also wants to restate the true heritage of the brand, same original taste no change in the content quality.

Lola Ashafa, brand manager, Baileys, says the label is refreshed and alluring to the Nigerian woman, yet consumers still have to drink responsibly.

“We have just change the bottle of Baileys,” she explains, “re-branded only in the bottle change, so we are just making everyone aware and also repositioning Baileys to more fashion and style. So, that’s where we are going to and we are taking it; it’s all about the ladies, the ladies are coming up now so we are tapping into that. Making sure that ladies are drinking Baileys, it’s all about the women now.”

The Baileys unveiling also included the opening of the Baileys’ boutique, which would be strategic locations such as: Boutiques, cinemas, malls, saloons, and certain hangout spots. This is going to attract the ladies to buy a bottle of Baileys and share with friends, in addition to getting a free make-up or nails done.

Most females were given a beauty make-over, the session also included a photo session to take pictures after the make-up was done. This is in essence to lunch the Baileys’ Boutique into the market.

Sola Oke, marketing manager, D.I.JOE Brands Nigeria, says the whole point of the launch is introducing the new bottle to the Nigerian consumer. “It is all about showcasing what the new bottle is like, know what has changed from the old bottle. So, we talk about shoulders, the double ‘BB,’ refreshed label. We just want to show our consumers what the new bottle is and what we have done to it,” Oke says.