• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Rocket Global moves to bridge gaps between crypto exchanges

Rocket bets on creator economy with new crypto solutions

Rocket global, a crypto fintech company founded in 2021, is on a move to fill in the gap that exists between cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company disclosed that it is coming up with a next-gen hybrid exchange that aims to close the gap where centralized and decentralised exchanges fall short in the ecosystem.

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, either for fiat currencies like the US dollar, or between digital assets, like BTC and ETH, and operated by a company that owns it in a centralized manner, while Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a peer to peer (P2P) market place where transaction occurs directly between crypto traders.

Luke Berry, co-founder of Rocket Global disclosed in a statement that the company offers the services of both DEX and CEX

“Think of Rocket Global as the bridge between the CEX and the DEX. Instead of using one or the other, users can have both. Rocket Global is essentially the best of both worlds,” Berry said.

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Berry explained that it took an additional move by introducing a state-of-the-art DEX aggregator that pools liquidity from multiple DEXs and provides its user with a greater token exchange rate as opposed to a single DEX.

Similarly, the co-founder stated that Rocket Global comprises a centralized spot exchange, a decentralized aggregator, an NFT marketplace (coming soon), and High Yield Staking offerings which are powered by its native token Rocket Global Coin ($RCKC).

Meanwhile, the company stated that it had its presale on May 3, 2022, and smashed its hard cap of 1500BNB mere hours into the presale.

The company said RCKC has a supply of 750 million tokens and they are distributed among several operations as follows.

Liquidity and public sale at 15 percent, marketing operations at 15 percent, Bounties and community airdrops of 15 percent, DeFi (reward for staking operations) of 15 percent, liquidity pool reward of 11.5 percent, founding team of 10 percent, strategic partnership on the market stood 6 percent, Advisory stood at 5 percent, Angel investors at 4 percent, while Private sale round and NFT creator fund at 3 and 2.5 percent respectively.

The company noted its rollout with some of the players in the industry since its inception including Pancakeswap listing, Surpassing 1000 holders days after presale, coingecko listing, Coinmarketcap listing, and Binance liquidity partnership among others.

Rocket Global pledged a commitment to lead the charge of next gen exchanges.