• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Xerox releases e-document system to recapture workplace environment

Xerox releases e-document system to recapture workplace environment

Xerox Corporation, the pioneer of reprographics and other office and management software, that debuted in Nigeria in 1974, has re-introduced an electronic document system in Africa’s largest economy. The company aims to recapture the market which is fast evolving as new tech innovations emerge and competition grows.

The Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) was the company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it had on businesses in terms of lockdown and workplace restrictions that were imposed by authorities.

The EDMS is the sum total of the processes and technologies involved in the creation, management, retrieval, indexing, storage, and disposition of documents and records of organization. In simple terms, it can be defined as digitizing paper documents or conversion of paper documents to electronic documents for easy retrieval, safe storage, management, and creation of other documents.

The EDMS helps ensure that every employee’s documents are always secure and available at their fingertips, granting them secure access, anywhere, any time, and on any device.

The system became important following the impact of the COVID-10 pandemic which forced reductions in workplace activities, especially activities that ordinarily require the presence of employees in the office. Unfortunately, the majority of the activities around the workplace still revolve around paperwork, some of which include generating paper documents like photocopying and printing, signing of paper documents by parties involved, among others.

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Femi Abidoye, General Manager, Sales, and Marketing, Xeros Harvey Stevens (XHS) the sister company of Xerox Corporation in Nigeria, said the EDMS was reintroduced in the country to meet the yearning expectations and the paradigm shift in the workplace as a result of the pandemic.

EDMS is packaged as a turnkey solution that spans the whole spectrum of document management from physical archiving of the documents through digitization all the way to upload to our Electronic Content Management (ECM) platform, the Xerox® DocuShare®. At this stage, you can safely say that your organization is securely on the path to full digital transformation.

“With Xerox EDMS, you are assured of proper handling of all your document types: be it legacy or current, physical or electronic. We support all file formats, be it text, image, sound, or video. It is a solution designed with you in mind, whatever the size of your organization, whatever the nature of business, it can be tailored to fit your current need and grow in scale with you as you progress.

The questions agitating the mind of many players in the global workplace and in the Nigerian labour market is, what is XEROX response to the global work disorder and how would efficiency, productivity, and work processes and procedure be maintained – The simple answer is Electronic Document Management System or solution, with managed print services commonly called intelligent workplace office assistance,” Abidoye said.