• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Whogohost to help more small businesses migrate online

Whogohost to help more small businesses migrate online

Whogohost, an African web hosting company, has said it will help more small businesses migrate online through its cheap price offerings.

The firm stated this when it announced a name rebranding to GO54. “We’re not just changing our name; we are enabling online presence in an easy, simple, and affordable way and redefining what it means to succeed online,” Toluwani Adejuyigbe, chief executive officer of GO54, said in a statement.

In the 6 months preceding the rebrand, the company said it upgraded its server infrastructure, developed new products, and acquired complementary businesses — most notably, SendChamp in 2023 — to serve customers more effectively.

“With its fresh brand identity, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to empowerment, GO54 is poised to become the driving force behind digital success across the continent,” Adejuyigbe added.

Since it was founded 17 years ago, GO54 (formerly known as Whogohost) has become one of the dominant players in the domain and hosting space in West Africa.

The firm noted that its new product offerings include an AI-powered website builder. “With the recent rebrand, the company is re-entering the market with a new product suite of offerings like an AI-powered website builder (generates websites in 10 seconds!), email marketing, bulk SMS, link-in-bio products, payment links for easy payments, and so much more,” it said.