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What you need to know about YouTube University

What you need to know about YouTube University

The term ” YouTube University” refers to the wide space of learning where students, children, adults, and various professionals in Nigeria and around the globe gather to learn by taking control of their learning journey and searching for materials on the platform that would help them make that a reality.

Many people have taken advantage of this platform by learning how to produce music, code, and design websites, and I fall into the category of people who have learned how to produce music through YouTube and practical experience, said Michael Ofomona, a 400-level student at Benson Idahosa University.

“During the lockdown and holiday seasons, I learned how to arrange the songs I produced and pan sounds from YouTube, and this gave me a better understanding of how to produce other songs afterwards.”

In society today, people tend to look up things they don’t know or understand and learn whole new things from the internet through apps and websites. Still, one of the most prominent places to learn things is Youtube, a free and easily-accessible video streaming platform owned by Google LLC that provides high-quality and informative videos.

During the global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, educational and e-learning-related YouTube channels gained a huge number of new subscribers as students around the globe were asked to attend classes from home while other users of this platform used it as an opportunity to learn a new skill, and as numbers have shown, most people came out of the lockdown as entrepreneurs and income earners from the skills they learned.

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Students and parents have agreed on the effectiveness of online videos as a teaching and learning tool. The best thing about YouTube videos is that they can be integrated into a variety of educational systems, especially online education. Video-assisted learning is a new trend in the education industry as it provides students with an exciting way to learn and understand complex concepts and subjects.

Nigerians have found YouTube courses very useful and have learned various skills from the website due to the lack of understanding in a course and lack of practice that is needed as most people use it to learn job skills like coding, graphic design, a foreign language, music production, financial literacy, cryptocurrency trading, and UI/UX (User interface design for machines and software, such as computers and mobile devices, which is focused on maximizing usability and user experience).

I learned from PwC, Arise news, channels, and energy companies’ pages. Even in a situation whereby I didn’t fully understand what my lecturer had said, I went on YouTube and I got a much simpler and better understanding, said Chinedu Ndigwe, an energy journalist.

When I was learning web development, I went on YouTube to learn the course. I gained an understanding of Java, Python, and C++, and now I’m currently learning Bash, said Rhema Okeke, a computer science graduate.

I’m currently learning how to make beats on youtube from seventh’ beats Areola Samuel, a student at Crawford University.

YouTube Channels based on educational categories

Youtube channels that teach people about health include Ninja Nerd, Osmosis, Lecturio, and Dr Najeeb.

The Youtube channels that teach coding include The Net Ninja, The Futur Academy, and MIT open courseware.

Youtube channels that teach UI/UX and everything Adobe include Bring your laptop.

Youtube channels that teach SEO include Aferfs.

GaryVee teaches entrepreneurship through Youtube.

Youtube channels that teach beat-making include seventh’s beat, Landr Producer Grind, Servida Music, Kenny Beats, and Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

Financing and business intelligence YouTube channels include Charlee Wayne, MIT Open Courseware, and Corporate Finance Institute.

Strategic management channels include City Lectures, nhyira premium, and Michael Nugent.

youtube also gives a course on how to become a creator

Nigerian service providers, YouTube Data Plan

Telecommunication companies in Nigeria like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE have provided special YouTube data plans for their users to make it possible for them to learn and explore the app at a lower cost.

The MTN YouTube pack costs N150 and has a data volume of 750MB. You can activate this YouTube pack by texting VP1 to 131.

The 3-hour YouTube pack can be used to stream YouTube videos for 3 and it is valid for 24 hours. It costs N400 and has a data volume of 2.25GB. You can activate it by texting VP3 to 131.

You can easily check your MTN YouTube streaming data balance simply by dialing *559*18#.

GLO YouTube offers Glo customers the chance to use YouTube offers once they buy Glo data plans of N500 and above.

You can stream YouTube videos from 1:00 am to 5:30 am. The offer is auto-renewed once you renew your data plan with Glo Data of N500 and above. Glo YouTube’s offer is capped at 2.5GB.

Airtel YouTube offers three YouTube offers, namely: Airtel YouTube-Plus Pack, YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs, and YouTube-Night Packs.

Airtel YouTube Plus is a standard data plan that allows you to stream YouTube videos all night, from 1 am to 5 am.

YouTube Plus is of four types, namely: YouTube Plus 1.0, YouTube Plus 2.0, YouTube Plus 3.0, YouTube Plus 4.0, and YouTube Plus 5.0, and you can subscribe by dialing *323 #.

The YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs allow you to stream videos throughout the day and night. The YouTube Weekly costs N300 and is valid for 7 days with a data allowance of 300MB. You can activate the plan by dialing *323#. The YouTube monthly is valid for 30 days, costs N400, has a 600MB data allowance, and can be activated by dialing *323*11#.

The Night Weekly costs N150, is valid for 7 days, has a data volume of 300MB, and can be activated by dialing *323*22#.

9mobile youtube offers free YouTube offers in its data plans for streaming daily from 1:00 am to 5:00 am when you recharge a recommended 9mobile data plan.

The recommended 9mobile data plans are the N1000 for 1GB, the N3000 for 4GB, and the N4000 for 5.5GB data plans. Additionally, mobile9 offers unlimited video streaming, not limited to YouTube, with 9mobile video packs valid for 2 hrs, 3 hrs, or 7 hrs, which cost N400, N500, or N1000.