• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Weprototype Technologies boost activities with Google technology

Weprototype Technologies

Start-up tech company WePrototype Technologies has officially launched its mobile app building services with the use of Google’s latest Flutter software Development Kit and App Prototyping technique for faster and more seamless operations.

The company established in 2019 prides itself in aiding senior professionals deliver on their entrepreneurial ambitions with the creation of prototype and original applications at affordable rates.The company combines prototyping and Google flutter technology to build fast mobile applications that have a better chance of market success, this enables salary earners to launch a cost-effective side project quickly.

Mayowa Okegbenle founder of WePrototype said “Tech is about providing solutions to business problems and when aspiring entrepreneurs are starting a business, they have a whole lot of business problems to deal with. At WePrototype, we want to solve as many of these problems as we can.”

“We want to play the role of the entrepreneur’s technical co-founder. Every start-up needs a really good technical co-founder, that is what WePrototype wants to be to its customers.”

Okegbenle explained that Prototyping is an early sample of the app where all adjustments are done and perfections are made before finally building, and delivering the finished app to the client. He explains that it is necessary because it guarantees perfection and satisfaction and is perfect for concept testing, investor pitches, and market testing.

The company’s head of productions, Maureen Omage said “At WePrototype Technologies, we use the Prototyping Methodology to deliver apps that succeed. We combine this methodology with the latest mobile app building tool from Google, called “Flutter” to build beautiful and high-performance apps.”

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“With the prototype, our client can make corrections, show potential customers, and even pitch to investors. All these are very critical activities missing in the current development model provided by other IT outlets. The feedback from these activities helps our clients to better understand the market and even decide if they want to go ahead as planned or tweak their business model a bit.”

Seye Seton, co-founder of VendorCredit and a client affirmed that the tech company has been active in building businesses adding that they help reduce workloads especially for entrepreneurs engaged in a daily 9-5 job.

According to the company’s review by clients, Apps built by WePrototype Technologies are high performing, responsive, free of errors and completely native as the app runs as part of a device operating system using hardware features of mobile devices- like camera, contacts, geolocation, storage, vibration and more.


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