• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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TECNO: The african mobile consumer shouldn’t be treated unfairly


All over the world, successful brands share one thing in common-high quality. It appears TECNO Mobile is not left out in the universal trend of unique brand development, high quality product offerings, affordability and improvement…improvement….improvement.

TECNO Mobile offerings in mobile voice and data technologies which include: smart phones, tablets and feature phones ranges enjoy huge popularity and adoption in Africa owing to its unique offering of Dual-SIM enabled mobile devices at a time it barely controlled less than 1 percent of the total market share in mobile devices original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with shops in African.

A market in need…TECNO to meet

The African market has always had a huge purchasing potential and could build a strong affinity for value driven products only if OEM vendors understood the peculiar needs of the African market space. TECNO Mobile understood Africa’s unique infrastructural challenges and consumer behaviors and they tailored their products to meet these needs. In 2006 when TECNO Mobile entered African, there were existing top global brands already operating within the African space from the likes of NOKIATM, ALCATEL, MOTOROLATM to SAMSUNG, to name a few. However, none of these global brands factored in the Power challenges and the fairly nascent Telecos infrastructural development across the continent in their design of mobile products. Many of the mobile network service providers at the time had infrastructures that struggled to deliver quality voice connections across a wide range little wonder the advent of Dual-SIM mobile products by no other than TECNO Mobile.

TECNO deliver unique ideas at affordable rate

I believe that the Dual-SIM philosophy of TECNO Mobile for Africa is hinged on the fact that telecommunications infrastructures for landline services are underdeveloped and over burdened and cannot meet Africa’s over whelming need for voice connections.

The fact the many African cell phone users were demanding for a mobile device that can hold more than one SIM card was an insight into the African consumer’s need that begged to be utilized…and utilize indeed TECNO did, TECNO Mobile Nigeria was the first vendor to introduce the Dual-SIM technology to the African market and at price-friendly rate; Africa could not but take notice of this newcomer.

TECNO built on its successes

TECNO Mobile did not relent in capitalising on the opportunity the Africa market presented; Africa was willing to do business with the new OEM vendor irrespective of the dominance of the market then by global giants: NOKIA and SAMSUNG. With affordability, aspiration and originality cleverly incorporated into its product offerings, the TECNO Mobile customer base began to swell. By 2009, TECNO Mobile had become an accepted and robust competitor at the low-end mobile devices category, delivering value to price conscious African consumers at ridiculously affordable rates.

TECNO Mobile has come of age

One thing is for certain; Africa has made giant strides in the past decade in telecommunications and TECNO Mobile has risen from the ashes alongside Africa. Today Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies averaging an annual growth rate of more than 5.0 percent with a growing middle class that crave for premium smart phone experience. TECNO Mobile in the same light has experienced exponential growth in the shipments of its mid-end mobile devices to Africa year over year.

Having consolidated on its growing brand equity and positioning one can rightly say with no iota of mischief that in less than 10 years of TECNO Mobile’s African market entry, TECNO Mobile has become a major OEM vendor to reckon with in the African mobile tech space.

With that spirit of hard work and commitment to service, TECNO Mobile continues to deliver insight-based mobile technology service to Africa’s growing urban dwellers. TECNO Mobile currently has moved its Research and development (R&D) headquarters to France in a drive to deliver, contemporary, competitive, highly functional and stylish products to the African market. “Africa is our sole market …and we will treat her right” this quote by Arif Chowdhury, Vice President, TECNO Group in a press conference clearly reflects TECNO’s rejuvenated and boisterous marketing strategy to further consolidate on the gains that it is presently making in Africa. The successful and of course note worthy launch of the Phantom Z smart phone; TECNO Mobile Nigeria’s first high-end, truly the only Octa-core processor smart phone in the world goes to show its current level of aspirations and global competitiveness in delivering premium experience.

Meet the TECNO Phantom family

TECNO Phantom +A, R7 and Phantom A III (Phantom Z) epitomise affordability, performance, speed, style and lifestyle. These high quality smart phones have clearly raised the bar in terms of value-for-money for any global mobile phone brand that wishes to compete in the African space at both the mid and high-end of product offerings. In addition to TECNO’s respect for Africa’s taste for High quality mobile products, I have no doubt in my mind that TECNO Mobile will continue to build lasting value in within the society by driving initiatives such as the one it is currently spearheading; the Local apps development challenge, an annual soft ware development platform that TECNO Mobile Nigeria host in partnership with sister company Afmobi.

The TECNO Mobile Nigeria’s story is an African story of success in the mist of many odds. I have a strong gut feeling that this company will continue to add value to Nigeria and of course Africa at large by offering tailored-made mobile devices for a continent destined to succeed.