• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Subscribers rejoice as debt on MTN network vanish

Subscribers are rejoicing as their loans on the MTN network have suddenly disappeared. They are unable to explain the disappearance since many of them said they have not paid the loan. According to an unverified report, the loan disappearance is due to a technical glitch in MTN Nigeria’s system. The glitch is said to have caused the disappearance of debt on the accounts of subscribers, who had borrowed credit from the company.

Nonetheless, MTN’s subscribers are already celebrating and expressing gratitude to the company since they think the telecom operator purposefully cancelled their bills.

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Many subscribers took to social media to confirm that their debts had been wiped clean, and to express their delight at the unexpected windfall. Some subscribers even joked that they were hoping the error would last forever.

A user tweeted, “Dear MTN, thank you for clearing our debts. Dear Palmpay, over to you”

Another user tweeted, “Thank you, MTN NIGERIA🙏😂 @MTNNG”