• Monday, March 04, 2024
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Smartphone review: Big battery meets AI technology in Tecno Pouvoir 3

Tecno Pouvoir 3

Since the launch of Tecno’s Pouvoir 3 smartphone with 5000mAh ultra long-lasting battery and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, smartphone enthusiasts are curious to know more about the unique features of the new device and the distinctive advantages of such cutting edge technology embedded in a hand-held device.

Well, one distinction is that the latest device, which combines software and hardware innovation with ultra-long lasting battery, gives users an uninterrupted four days of usage on just one single charge. With the issue of unstable electricity supply in this part of the world, it is no surprise that Tecno is regarded as Africa’s most preferred smartphone maker.

Meeting on demand needs of the Nigerian market, the Tecno Pouvoir series have been quite popular in the smartphone market owing to their long-lasting battery capacity, advanced security set-up, and smooth performance. Still, with the new Pouvoir 3, Tecno seems to have outdone itself and taken the Pouvoir experience to a whole new level by equipping it with the latest in AI technology, in addition to its monster-large, ultra long-lasting battery.


It is smarter: Compared to Tecno Pouvoir 2, its predecessor, the new device – Tecno Pouvoir 3 – spots a 13MP front camera +13MP back camera enhanced by Artifical Intelligence (AI). The camera’s interface can detect a subject in the frame whether it’s an outdoor landscape, an object indoors or a live subject, and automatically adjusts the settings to produce the most beautiful version of the subject.

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It also has a wide-angle lens and an adjustable LED flash. The new device further combines AI technology with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to improve image quality in environments where there is poor lighting as well as environments with strong backlight. The AI-based algorithm is also useful for its Face ID unlocking system that ensures bank-level security within the smartphone. To further boost security, there is a fingerprint reader at the back.

It is faster: With a Quad-core MT6739 processor, the high-performance Android 8.1, a smart HiOS 4.1 user interface plus a 32GB ROM + 2GB RAM, this smartphone has everything it needs to run smoothly for a long period of time, even when two or more apps are running at the same time. The sizable random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM) also help it run faster while creating plenty of space for videos, pictures and other files. The Tecno Pouvoir 3 flaunts a 6.2 inch super bright display and is encased in a glossy cover, with colour options such as city blue, midnight black and champagne gold available. In all, it’s a great device and it comes at a price that doesn’t hurt at all. No wonder they say that Tecno is for Nigerians.