• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Samsung out with one stop laundry solution

Samsung Electronics West Africa, a global home appliance innovator, has launched the new additions to its home appliance laundry designed to elevate the everyday home experience for consumers, making laundry at home easier and even providing health benefits. Featuring outstanding performance, smart, consumer insight driven design and sleek functionality, Samsung displayed its latest innovations – including a new one-stop laundry solution at the launch of the new activ dualwash recently. “With today’s multi-tasking families busier than ever, we consistently hear from consumers that they need easy and convenient ways to tackle everyday laundry needs – like prewashing fabrics, treating stains and picking up household dirt. “They are looking for home appliances with clever solutions that help them take care of their home efficiently so they have time to pursue the things they really want to do,” said Brovo Kim, managing director, Samsung Electronics West Africa.
 “Our lineup of innovative and stylish laundry solution delivers on this consumer need. Samsung appliances are the ideal combination of simplicity, performance, technology and innovation” he added. Research shows that when it comes to laundry, the most tedious task is pre-treatment and pre-wash. Most homes don’t have a sink in their laundry rooms, requiring consumers to pre-treat/pre-wash elsewhere and bring the items to the machine. The simplest and most convenient way this can be done is through the latest top load washer from Samsung. This innovative and stylish product solves the most tedious laundry needs with a simple, yet revolutionary feature activ dualwash. The top of the active dualwash laundry machine includes  a built-in sink with water jet and gentle scrubbing surface.
This convenient sink provides a separate space to pre-treat tough stains, like heavily soiled sports uniforms, or hand wash items like delicate fabrics. Once finished, the laundry and water can easily be poured into the machine. This all-in-one solution allows consumers to handle the entire wash process in the laundry unit instead of having to spread it out over multiple locations, avoiding mess and saving a considerable amount of effort. Speaking at the launch, Sunil Kumar, director, consumer electeonics, Samsung Electronics West Africa, said the active dualwash laundry machine also features the magic dispenser detergent drawer which creates a powerful water vortex, dissolving detergent and dispersing it evenly even before the wash cycle starts. “With this new technology, consumers can wash a normal load of laundry with virtually no detergent residue on their cloths or detergent drawer. The activ dualwash is the first Samsung top loader to feature this technology” he said. Activ dualwash is currently available in Inox, (16kg.) and Silver (13kg), Wine (8.5kg) and features a rear panel with a dual-cluster design and easy-to-access control buttons, which are fully protected from water splashes.