• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Samsung hits 10M Galaxy S4 sales


Samsung said that sales of its Galaxy S4 smartphone had passed 10 million less than one month following its commercial launch, with the handset “estimated to be selling at a rate of four units per second”. The company said that this marks its new sales record, with the Galaxy S III taking 50 days to reach 10 million, the Galaxy S2 taking five months, and the Galaxy S seven months. The device is available in more than 110 countries, which will eventually be increased to 155. The company said it is working with 327 partners to sell the smartphone. Samsung also revealed that it is planning to introduce more colour variations alongside the current “White Mist” and “Black Forest”. New flavours to be added later this year are “Blue Arctic” and “Red Aurora”, to be followed by “Purple Mirage” and “Brown Autumn”.