• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Platform makes play to ease cross-border payment

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Cashwise, a fintech company, is entering the cross-border transaction space with a multi-currency platform that streamlines financial management across borders.

According to its founder, the platform will allow users to access and spend their money regardless of location or currency. In a statement, the fintech disclosed that it is currently offering Collision 2024 attendees an exclusive peek at its financial app.

“We believe financial services should be borderless and accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Adeleke Awotayo-Ayeni, founder/chief executive officer of Cashwise. “Our app empowers users with a truly global financial experience.”

According to the founders, Cashwise leverages open banking to offer a user-friendly platform with multiple currency wallets. This integration with financial institutions worldwide empowers users to manage funds in various currencies, ensuring smooth financial control for international businesses or individuals with global lifestyles.

“Our platform represents a major step forward in embracing the benefits of open banking and empowering individuals to navigate a borderless financial landscape,” said Elsie Godwin, co-founder at Cashwise Finance.

The founders highlighted that the platform’s multi-currency functionality facilitates swift and cost-effective cross-border payments, making it ideal for both global commerce and personal transfers.