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‘Note 4 is the perfect device for viewing HD videos’

Galaxy fold phone

Four years on from the original Galaxy Note phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is finally here. The device brings together big power, a big screen and big productivity. Emmanouil Revmatas, director, Information Technology and Mobile, Samsung Electronics West Africa, in this interview with BEN UZOR, talks us through some key features which makes this device a must-have.

Back in 2011, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note, which came with a 5.3-inch screen. At the time, many thought it was too large to be a phone and too compact to be a tablet. Today, the story is different. Mobile phone makers are now following in your footsteps, making phones with larger displays and more ergonomic design. How does this make you feel and to what would you attribute this foresight

Akey trait of market leaders is anticipating or creating future trends. The Note Series is an example of this and has become synonymous with Samsung. Driving this segment is improved accessibility to the internet, the social media wave and our “on the go connected lifestyles” we have adopted. All of this requires a device that has a screen large enough to allow comfortable and convenient consumption and creation of content – the Note Series meets this need!

You recently launched the Galaxy Note 4 in Nigeria. Tell us a bit about the device and its benefits to users.

The latest member of the family with many enhancements that are truly outstanding However the top four features that we believe Nigerian consumers will love are 1) the sleek and modern metal frame design 2) Faster Charging 3) An enhanced camera with wide angle feature for “wefie” and 4) A versatile S Pen with SnapNote (PhotoNote) feature

Design has clearly taken a front seat in terms of the effort and philosophy behind the Galaxy Note 4, as evidenced by its new metal frame and curved glass cover. What are the prime factors driving this change

Firstly it is important to mention there are the Note 4 and then Note Edge which has the curved glass edge. – two different models. In terms of factors driving change, these range from the availability of new technology to the needs of consumers. We pride ourselves on being the innovators in this industry.

You mentioned that the Galaxy Note 4 features a quad high definition Super AMOLED display. What does this mean and how does the feature benefit users of the device

This device’s super AMOLED screen has an extremely high PPI (pixels per inch) which for the user means an exceptional viewing experience. This means it is the perfect device for viewing high definition pictures and videos.

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The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7 inch screen and one of the highest resolution displays on the market. How will this impact the longevity of battery power

In fact the battery has been enhanced not only in terms of capacity (3220 mAh)but a great new feature is faster charging which allows the battery to be charged to 50 percent within 30 minutes, thereby drastically reducing charging times

The S Pen is one of the key features that define the Galaxy Note series. Are there any enhancements to the feature in this version of the series

The S Pen is what defines the Note Series and in the case of the Note 4 there are several improvements that have been made, from improved sensitivity like pen on paper to Smart Select which allows the user of the S pen to copy content from different sources

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What are the key differences between the Galaxy Note 4 and its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3

A complete makeover on design, the Note 4 comes with a sleek and modern metal frame design, Quad High Definition Display, Enhanced S Pen functionalities, a wide angle front facing camera for better selfies, Faster Charging, Over 100,000 Naira worth Free Premium & Apps Contents and Services are some of the many reasons to upgrade to the Note 4

What about content? Can you give us a snapshot of services that are available on the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of applications?

The ecosystem supporting this device is fantastic … 22 free apps or services worth approx N100,000 which includes 12 months subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek, three months subscription to New York Times and six months subscription to Wall street Journal … the list goes on!