• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Nigerian tech firms urge investment in upskilling talent to bridge skill gap

Lessons from India, Kenya’s talent export models

Reliance Infosystems, a Nigerian-based ICT firm, in partnership with the Plunge Smile Foundation dedicated to societal education and the Modiva Group, is urging the government to make substantial investments in upskilling tech talent as a means to address the significant skills gap in Nigeria’s workforce.

Andy Eberechukwu Akukwe, Vice President, Startup Ecosystem Reliance Infosystems in an interview with the press said, “ The government should allocate resources towards establishing ICT centers aimed at assisting aspiring entrepreneurs. A call to action is for the government to recognise organisations like ours that have a proven track record in upskilling talents.”

He said, “The government can also collaborate with us in areas such as funding that can cover some of our costs like providing necessary tools, paying salaries, etc. Also, providing dedicated resource persons, and ensuring the delivery of value.”

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Akukwe highlighted that a pivotal role for the government is streamlining the job placement process for these trained individuals, ensuring that once they become proficient professionals, they can readily secure opportunities within specific industries, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of Nigerian society.

Modiva Tech’s training programs have helped over 1,500 young people in Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, and Kenya upskill their tech skills in areas such as IT, robotics, automation, business applications, AI, cloud computing, and data analysis.

In addition to the training, the program offers participants access to startup accelerator resources and a network of angel investors.

This initiative is open to anyone interested in delving into the tech sphere and acquiring the skills needed for success in the job market. Applicants can submit their applications online and will be selected based on their enthusiasm and commitment.

Modiva Tech’s comprehensive training and resource access serve as a noteworthy example of how the private sector can collaborate with the government and non-profit organizations to tackle the skills gap prevalent in Africa, as expressed during the interview by Archibong Edet, Modiva Tech Coordinator.

Edet said that the Modiva training is a virtual program conducted twice a year, spanning three months in each cycle.

“During this period, young professionals undergo diverse training in various tech courses. Upon the completion of each course, students are eligible to receive a certification exam voucher. After being certified as experts in their chosen tech field by Microsoft, these professionals become well-positioned to secure tech-related opportunities and launch their careers,” he said.

By investing in upskilling tech talent, the Nigerian government can help to bridge the skill gap in the country and create a more skilled workforce. This will lead to economic growth and prosperity for all Nigerians.