• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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‘Nigeria, seven others top African target for cybercriminals’

‘Nigeria, seven others top African target for cybercriminals’

CheckPoint Software Technologies, a global leader in AI-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity solutions, has revealed that eight African countries are among the world’s most targeted countries for cybercriminals.

The firm revealed this in its March 2024 Global Threat Index report. It stated that Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Morroco, and Nigeria are the African countries on the list of the twenty most targeted countries.

“On the list, Ethiopia ranks second, Zimbabwe ranks third, and Maldives takes fourth. Also, Kenya maintains the seventh position, with Uganda at the eighth. Angola holds the eleventh position with Morocco on the seventeenth and Nigeria at the twentieth position,” the firm said.

Check Point’s Ransomware Index also disclosed that ransomware activities through shame sites operated by double-extortion ransomware groups are rising. It said Lockbit3 continues to lead the ranking with 12 percent of reported attacks, followed by Play at 10 percent and Blackbasta at 9 percent.

The firm noted that the top exploited vulnerabilities in Africa in March include “Web Servers Malicious URL Directory Traversal,” impacting 50 percent of organisations globally, “Command Injection Over HTTP” with 48 percent of attacks, and “HTTP Headers Remote Code Execution” with 43 percent.

Maya Horowitz, vice president of Research at Check Point Software, said, “The evolving tactics of cyberattacks underscore the dynamic nature of cybercriminal strategies. Organisations must adopt proactive cybersecurity measures, including robust endpoint protection and comprehensive employee training, to safeguard against evolving threats.”

The firm further highlighted that the educational sector remained the most attacked industry globally. In Africa, retail and communications lead the pack.

“Last month, Education and Research remained in first place in the most attacked industries globally, followed by government, military, and communications. In Africa, however, Retail and Wholesale, Communications, and Utilities are at the top of the list, with military and finance following respectively,” it explained.

The firm further stated that the evolving threat landscape necessitates heightened vigilance and proactive cybersecurity measures across industries in Africa. It encouraged organisations to fortify their defenses and prioritise cybersecurity resilience to mitigate the risks posed by emerging malware strains and exploitation tactics.