• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Nigeria calls for new AI regulations to ensure societal benefit

Nigeria calls for new AI regulations to ensure societal benefit

The Nigerian Communications Commission has said that navigating the uncharted territory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires a careful examination of existing laws, the development of new regulations, and ethical considerations.

The commission argued that this is vital to ensuring AI benefits society without compromising fundamental rights and values. Aminu Maida, executive vice chairman/chief executive officer of NCC, disclosed this at the 2024 World Consumer Rights Day recently held at its head office.

Maida, represented by Abraham Oshadami, executive commissioner, Technical Services Designate at NCC, noted that AI is the culmination of human innovation and has already made significant inroads into everyone’s lives. He highlighted that using AI responsibly is crucial to guaranteeing consumer trust and circumventing possible problems.

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“Responsible AI means using it in an ethical way throughout its development, deployment, and usage. This includes considering issues like bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability,” he said in a statement.

The NCC boss stressed the importance of data privacy in AI usage, as it builds trust in AI systems. He acknowledged the complexity of developing regulations and policies to govern AI.

“Although most legislative and governing bodies are looking to regulate this technology, there has been a continuous struggle to strike the right balance between risk mitigation and stifling innovation while promoting innovation and ensuring security and trust,” he said.

Maida also pointed out the emergence of complex legal and regulatory challenges as AI technologies become more integrated into society. He, however, added, “… as AI technologies continue to advance, there is a need to foster innovation while safeguarding fundamental rights, values, and dignity of consumers.”

Nigeria has been proactive in its approach to AI. Recently, Dr Bosun Tijani, minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, declared that the country needs to develop a national strategy to harness the power of AI for sustainable development.

Also, the country joined 27 other countries to sign the Bletchley Declaration, an agreement establishing a shared understanding of AI’s opportunities and risks and the need for governments to work together.