• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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New LG Smart TV series hit Nigeria’s home entertainment landscape

LG Electronics unveils 2023 TV lineup with striking technological features

Determined to meet consumer demand for a more comprehensive home entertainment system, LG Electronics, has introduced into the Nigerian market the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup, which offers easier content access and sharing, along with an updated Magic Remote for a simplified, intuitive user experience.

The LA8600 & LA7400 TV series come with Smart share plus functions that enable content sharing from various devices to the screen of the TV and vice-versa via six different ways. While the Time Machine II function gives users the opportunity to record live TV programs as well as rewind, pause and playback contents with the TV’s in-built memory.

With user experience as a primary focus, LG Electronics has redefined its latest Cinema 3D Smart TV line-up with new smart applications and features. The all new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV comes with Smart features, sleek design and superior picture quality, bringing today’s sophisticated consumers a premium home entertainment world. The New TV embodies LG’s minimalist Cinema Screen Design which comes with a zero narrow bezel that provides a greater sense of immersion during TV viewing. The new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV comes with the upgraded features; the Magic Remote has been redesigned to fine-tune content and menu navigation, making interaction as simple and intuitive as possible. The Magic remote which provides a similar function as a mouse controlling a PC, incorporates unique control capabilities of –point, wheel, gesture and voice search recognition.

Speaking at the product launch in Lagos, Steve Ryu, general manager, Home Entertainment Division, LG Electronics West Africa operations, said: “In a massive way, the new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV line-up brings today’s sophisticated consumers a premium home entertainment world. It is packed with new features that are designed with consumers’ savvy needs in mind, resulting in smart sharing of content, smart control of home entertainment system, and smart content that brings a smile to adults and children alike.

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“This TV has enhanced smart share features which provide users the ability to mirror or better still transfer content from smart devices to TV via a multitude of connectivity options, including Wi-Di (Wireless Display), Miracast, Tag on and 2nd display, making it superior to competition.”, With the newly updated version of LG’s popular Time Machine II feature, users do not have to worry about missing their favorite shows anymore; TV programs can be recorded and saved onto the TV’s built-in 4GB memory.

Users can later rewind, pause, or playback the recorded content. It also allows users record programs on a TV channel while watching a different channel with its 2-Tunner function.

They are also able to rewind and playback in the middle of recording. Another remarkable feature is that it can also be scheduled to record a program even when the TV is not switched on. Also speaking at the event, Mohammed Fouani, managing director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, said that, “the new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV delivers a smooth user experience and superior picture quality, thanks to an upgraded Central Processing Unit and Graphic Processing Unit. We are confident of our latest line-up; they are noteworthy products that are designed with our customers in mind, providing the perfect package of smart interactivity and innovations complete with modern minimalist aesthetic.”

An exhilarating aspect of the LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs are the Smart Share functions with a massive array of capabilities that redefines user experience. Users can now enjoy the benefits of a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. One of the outstanding feature in the new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is the Miracast; the Wi-Fi Alliance certified Miracast makes it possible for users to enjoy easy and fast connection among TV smartphones and tablets without wires, enabling easy transfer and sharing of digital content right on the TV screen. In general, Miracast allows users to push video, music and pictures from an Android smartphone or tablet (Android 4.0 or newer) to the screen of the TV, wirelessly.

Sharing between mobile devices and the television set has never been simpler with Tag On; this feature allows mutual content sharing and mirroring; users can share contents from their TV to their phone and vice-versa; by users simply “tagging” their smartphone to an NFC (Near field communication) sticker provided with the TV.