• Monday, June 17, 2024
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Meta will use your data to train AI, here’s how to opt out

Meta will use your data to train AI, here’s how to opt out

Meta has announced that it will use publicly available data, such as pictures and videos, to train its Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This was disclosed in its privacy policy. The tech giant noted, “the data it uses to train its AI models could be things such as posts or photos and their captions.” This is all information shared on the social media platform except privately shared messages.

Meta recently notified its users about its upcoming AI features. By default, all users’ data can be used to train Meta’s AI model. While the firm provides the avenue to opt-out, the process is complicated, as users are expected to explain why they want to opt-out. Despite this, Meta retains the right to refuse the request.

“We will now rely on the legal basis called legitimate interests for using your information to develop and improve AI at Meta. This means that you have the right to object to how your information is used for these purposes. If your objection is honoured, it will be applied going forward,” Meta’s Policy update notice reads.

According to a user on X, Tantacrul, the process is intentionally designed to minimise the number of users who will pull through with the objection.

“I’m shocked by the design of Meta’s new notification informing us they want to use the content we post to train their AI models. It’s intentionally designed to be highly awkward in order to minimise the number of users who will object to it,” he said.

He adds, “I’ve worked in growth teams who conduct experiments to minimise friction for over a decade, and I know how to streamline an experience. Rule: every additional step you add dramatically decreases the percentage of people who’ll make it through to the end,” he said in a post.

Here’s how to opt out of having your data trained by Meta’s AI models.

1. In your notifications section, look for a notification saying, “We’re planning new AI features for you. Learn how we use your information.” It should have been sent to you in the last few days.

2. After clicking on it, you’ll see a policy update notice. Look for the hyperlinked words “right to object” and click on the hyperlink.

3. You will see a new form with all your information that the company plans to use for AI training. There, you have to choose your country, type in your email address, and fill in the form, providing Meta with an explanation of why you don’t want your data used for AI training.

4. After you type in your request and an email, the company will send you a six-digit One-Time Password to your mailbox. You must type it in the form, as the company states that it will not receive submission until the code is successfully entered.

5. After that, you should get a submission confirmation.