• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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LG Microwave Oven Core tech redefines cooking experience


Maintaining the perfect work-life balance is never easy for the modern day woman. Aside from working nine hours a day, she has to worry about cooking for her family. Though the arrival of microwave ovens has greatly simplified the cooking process, the gourmet taste of the food has had to be sacrificed along the way.

This problem led to the innovation of the next generation of Lightwave cookers, one of which is the LG Lightwave Microwave Oven by global leading Home Appliances manufacturer, LG Electronics. With all new features and improved cooking power, the LG’s Lightwave Oven enable users enjoy the speed and energy-saving) offering of a microwave, without forfeiting the taste, texture and flavor of traditional cooking in convection ovens. This is all due to its core technology, Lightwave technology.

Speaking on the core technology behind the microwave oven, Hyunwoo Jung, general manager, home appliance division, LG Electronics West Africa operations, said: “With the expansion of Lightwave technology into our latest over-the-range microwave ovens, cooking is now easier than ever before so families can spend more time doing things that matter most. At LG, we are always looking for ways to make families’ lives easier, and tasty and healthy cooking is a big part of that.

“LG Lightwave microwave ovens are so easy to use, and are great additions to any kitchen. With simple features like one-touch controls and child lock protection, LG helps you users create perfectly cooked meals without the hassle.” LG’s premium Lightwave Technologies offer Lightwave Technology, a multi-heating system designed to cook healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard food with the minimum of fuss.

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By letting food retain its natural flavors, Lightwave makes dishes that are crispy on the outside and irresistibly juicy on the inside. This multi-heating system is designed to cook healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard food in a microwave oven with minimum fuss.

By letting food retain its natural flavours, LG SolarDOM and other Lightwave ovens make dishes that are crispy on the outside and irresistibly juicy on the inside. With innovative features like Speed Grilling and Speed Cooking. It uses a powerful halogen heater to give instant intense surface heat which also penetrates deep into the food so inside of the food is cooked at the same time.

This form of cooking is fast and efficient, keeping food moist, tender and bursting with flavour. The upper and lower heaters allow you to simply grill both the top and bottom of the food resulting in browned toppings and crispy bottoms.

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The LG SolarDOM Microwave Oven is 3 easy to use kitchen appliances in one. Cooking in an LG SolarDOM presents you with a number of cooking options (Microwave, Grill and Convection Oven).

You can also select the Speed Control option that combines all 3 cooking methods to cook up 3 times faster than conventional convection ovens.

The SolarDOM can be used purely as a microwave where the microwave power can be manually selected. The running time can be adjusted while the microwave is in operation. Regarding the ease of cleaning, all LG SolarDOMs have a round cavity rather than the traditional rectangular cavity. The round cavity makes cleaning easier, so you can just wipe away all dirt and food scraps in one easy action.

Lightwave is capable of producing moist, flavoursome food that looks great and tastes even better. Using the Lightwave Oven reduces unnecessary salt and fat in dishes, while sealing in vitamin C and other nutrients to create healthier meals. LG’s Lightwave Oven also helps to lower energy consumption by making the cooking process more efficient.

Lightwave technology ensures food tastes good and retains its natural goodness when cooked. It is crispier, healthier and juicier in a fraction of the time. From steam technology to dual convection options, users are bound to find a combination of microwave oven features that combine convenience with traditional cooking.

In all, with the latest innovations in microwave cooking, LG Electronics have been able to demonstrate how its convenient cooking appliances can deliver chef-quality food with a more natural taste in the comfort of their home.

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