Konga set to unveil first ecommerce Cloud TV in Nigeria

Konga is set to release a cloud TV, the first of its kind in the ecommerce market in Nigeria, to serve a global audience including Nigerians at home in the diaspora. The innovation goes live in September 2021.

The Konga Cloud TV would also be available to other stakeholders such as potential investors and other groups and individuals in search of a reliable platform with which to trade, engage or interact with others.

According to the company, the Konga Cloud TV will run on a digital cloud-based platform. Cloud TV technology enables web-like guides and full online video experiences on existing and next-generation devices.

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The new Konga platform will offer exclusive and unbeatable deals and viewers and subscribers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The platform will also host globally successful entrepreneurs, local, and international large and innovative manufacturers of quality goods and services across verticals as well as SMEs. it is expected to be a platform with which to bring their goods and services to the consciousness of a global market, while also affording them the opportunity to benefit from mentorship, business growth, success tips, and counselling from world-renowned entrepreneurs.

“The Konga Cloud TV is another first of its kind in the eCommerce world and I can tell you, the board and management cannot wait for it to go live as test run has happened successfully and quietly,” said a spokesperson for Konga. “It is in keeping with the status of Konga as a leader and trailblazer, not only in service delivery and customer satisfaction but also crucially in innovation. A lot more details will be made public as we count down to the launch.”

The Konga Cloud TV when launched will host the monthly online auction, including daily deals from 10am to 12noon. There are more exclusive contents that will cater to a wide and diversified audience, including health, entertainment, and special features, among others being planned for the Cloud TV