Tecno pushes details to the limits in Phantom X

One word that describes the new Phantom X smartphone is detail. From an edge that ensures a perfect grip, a 3D borderless screen, to a silk glass etched texture, that gives the device a totally unique design, the Tecno series leaves not much to the imagination.

Phantom, which is a sub-brand of Transsion-owned Tecno, was launched in the African market in 2019. The brand is designed for the higher-end smartphone market on the continent.

Tecno has the largest share of the smartphone market in Africa. Although it was able to corner the market by offering affordable smartphones, over time the taste and pocket of many consumers have evolved and are able to accommodate more sophisticated smartphones. This is the new market the Phantom series is created to serve.

The Phantom X is an upgrade to previous phones under the Phantom sub-brand. Its design and build is a statement from Tecno that it is serious about competing for the wallets of consumers with high standards in smartphones.

For the display, Tecno chooses a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen for the device, embracing an infinity design with a 3D borderless screen. A 3D screen conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or technology that is able to see objects with length, width, and depth. With that technology, you don’t get to feel a strain on your eyes after long use of the Phantom X. And in terms of brightness, the phone sensors know when to reduce and increase brightness very well. The 3D borderless screen features a large bending angle up to 70°.

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Also, the Phantom X avoids the clunky grip of big-sized phones as it is thin, light, and delicate with a finishing that screams premium. It has a perfect grip of 36.5°projecting a great feel in the hand.

The back of the phone stands out with a top-quality silk glass etched texture which gives the devices a whole new design. The material was created based on a series of complex tests and manufacturing procedures, which resulted in the silk delicacy and glass sparkle.

Just like the back, the Phantom adopts the Gorilla Glass 5 to provide users with a break-free viewing experience. The metal rails around the phone blend in perfectly with the glass display. The Gorilla Glass 5 raises the bar on protection against damage. In an experiment, the glass survives up to 1.2 meters, waist-high drops onto hard, rough surfaces. Other glass typically fails when dropped from less than 0.8 meters.

The Phantom X also has no gaps or bumps, and you don’t feel like they were forcing glass and metal to meet. It is available in two very distinct colour variants – Van Gogh Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer.

The camera on the Phantom X is one of the favourite features and perhaps its top unique selling point. It is a 50MP Ultra-Night camera with a 1/1.3-inch Ultra Large Sensor. This feature enables greater light sensitivity and a better adaptation to low-light environments, helping users capture the most striking images which display excellent visual quality and extreme clarity even under low-light or complex lighting conditions.

With the increased 4-in-1 pixel size, Phantom X’s Super Night View 3.0 gives your nightlife a whole new meaning, capturing more than the naked eye can see. Even in an extremely dark environment, Phantom X increases the amount of light captured to reveal every detail, helping users to capture unexpectedly bright and clear night shots at any time.

As for photo geeks who love to take selfies, Phantom X packs a 48M selfie camera with 105°Ultra-Wide Angle, offering ultra-clear, greater colour vibrancy, and natural quality. Selfie addicts who want to take wide shots would also be pleased by the Phantom X’s extra 8MP ultra-wide front-facing lens.

Phantom X’s 50mm focal lens presents a natural portrait image without distortion and its Super Night Portrait, with the meshing of flash, low light HDR and AI make nightlife snaps still shine with energy.

Storage is also a feature that separates Phantom X from previous Tecno phones. A base storage of 256GB and 8GB RAM would most certainly guarantee you are never going to run out of space and you can store as many files and videos, and download as many apps on your Phantom X as you would want.

You also don’t run out of battery so easily as the device provides a power performance on battery life with its 4700mAh. As to the fast charge function, Phantom X supports 33W flash Charge, with a 70 percent charge taking 30 minutes and a full charge in 60 minutes.

The Phantom X has privacy protection on sensitive data access. With the device’s anti-peeping screen feature and anti-theft protection, users have all the mobile protection they need. Phantom X has the in-screen fingerprint, allowing users an easy and secure way to unlock their phone at a flash speed response time of 0.4s.

In terms of mobile software service, Phantom X developed its own AI virtual assistant. Phantom X’s “Hi Ella”, has a highly rated offline intelligent support, which is convenient for users to process daily tasks even when they are without internet access.

The Phantom X retails for N228,000 and is available in authorized stores nationwide.