• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Integrating Mobile Self Care into Customer Experience Management

Integrating Mobile Self Care into Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has evolved over time with the introduction of new technologies, devices and rise of social media platforms. Enterprises are now considering and investing on strategizing their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) roadmap by connecting & empowering user through its mobile phone.

Traditional contact centres are also compelled to reshape their approach & strive for a strategic role in Customer Experience Management that can get a pulse on customer actions and lifetime value. Handling roughly 15 million calls per day for 50 million subscribers, the cost of customer call centres is increasing exponentially for service providers. Despite this, the wait time for subscribers on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is on the rise too.

Mobile devices and associated mobile applications are more sophisticated with users than ever before. Smartphones have opened up a new channel of communication between service providers and users. Mobility apps are gaining traction in emerging markets with a focus on enhanced features and providing more innovative ways to enhance customer experience whilst reducing the cost to serve for service providers. This also enhances the service reach and creates a new revenue channel.

Over 78 percent of consumers surveyed (Call Center Times) use mobile apps for customer service purposes with 73% also using the mobile application for buying products. This growing need gap has led to the introduction of self-care applications. However, a big challenge remains on the usage since most subscribers are habituated to call up the operator’s help line number instead of searching for a self-help app installed in their own device.

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iSON has implemented its Self-Care Solution. The solution intercepts the call at IVR level and automatically invokes the application or specific screen of the application. It empowers customers to solve their product-related queries in minutes while drastically cutting down the operator cost. In the CEM domain, the Company offers Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services

The ready to deploy solution can be implemented with various enterprises like communications service providers, banks, microfinance institutions, insurance companies, travel and hospitality, utilities and government sectors and others. The solution helps enterprises and contact Centers reduce the number of agent hours while empowering the end-customer more than ever.

Jalaj Kumar

 Jalaj Kumar, Vice President- Customer Experience Management at iSON Technologies