• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Instagram’s planned text-based app comes for Twitter in June


Meta-owned Instagram is planning to launch a text-based app similar to Twitter that allows users to create posts with text, and attach links, photos, and videos.

It is a stand-alone app that is likely to go live in June according to Lia Haberman, professor of social and influencer marketing at UCLA and author of the newsletter ICYMI. While the app will be separate from Instagram users will be able to connect their accounts and follow all the people they follow on Instagram.

A screenshot posted by Haberman shows the app will have some compatibility with certain other apps including Mastodon.

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“Users on these apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with your profile and content if you’re public, or if you’re private and approve them as followers. This allows you to reach new audiences with no added work. In addition, creators may be eligible to be recommended to people who don’t yet follow them,” a post on the screenshot noted.

Experts say Meta is seeing an opportunity in Twitter’s weaknesses hence it is moving in to take the market. The release of Instagram Notes in December is considered part of the efforts.

Twitter’s advertising business has declined significantly since Elon Musk bought the company and has initiated a series of reforms aimed at boosting revenues. Twitter’s ad revenues have dropped between 40-9 percent. The company has also faced criticism from users and advertisers for the account verification and suspension policies.