• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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How to apply for Twitter ad revenue sharing

How to apply for Twitter ad revenue sharing

X formerly known as Twitter has announced a reduction in its ad revenue sharing impression from 15M to 5M within three (3) months.

This comes at a time when content creators monetise their accounts to earn income from the ads served to reply to your post.

This singular move has seen a drastic surge in users of the platform including returning, silent, and new users.

According to the X platform, to be eligible for the ads revenue share the user must be an X premium subscriber or verified organisation, account with up to 500 followers, tweet impression count exceeding 5 million per month over the past three months, and creators who meet the Creator Monetisation Standards through human evaluation.

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Here are the steps to apply for X’s ad revenue share

1. Visit the setting button on X’s app/web and click the Settings and Privacy icon.

2. Click on monetisation.

3. Click on X’s monetisation option ‘Ads revenue sharing’.

4.. Then check your eligibility to apply for the Twitter ad revenue share programme.