• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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How Intelics Solutions delivers sustainable digital transformation through cloud

How Intelics Solutions delivers sustainable digital transformation through cloud

Cloud technology is one of the transformative innovations that is changing the way businesses operate. Many organisations are embracing for flexibility and reliability, increased performance and efficiency, and to lower IT costs.

Launched in 2017, Intelics Solutions is the Nigerian-based subsidiary of Writer Business Solutions. The company in a statement said it is integrating its range of cloud solutions can deliver sustainable digital transformation.

The company describes itself as one of the most comprehensive information management companies in Nigeria, offering entire lifecycle of data with enterprise content management services that includes business process services, secured storage services, cloud and data services and digital solutions.

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“At Intelics, we have globally accredited solutions that aid our clients to effectively run their businesses through various hyper-automated and cloud-hosted service offerings. Technology-enabled services are a major tool for economic growth in a digital world, and we are well-equipped to provide highly secured solutions to fuel this revolution,” Satyamohan Yanambaka, Chief Executive Officer, Intelics Solutions. “Our software offerings are vetted constantly to ensure 100 percent secured data governance and compliance. We are constantly upgrading all technologies making RPA, Cognitive Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence as the nucleus of such offerings, as we scale to serve a larger market.”

Apart from offering end-to-end business process services, Intelics Solutions owns a state-of-the-art archival centre where it helps companies store information they would not want destroyed in a safe and convenient manner.

The facility if purpose-built to allow clients store and manage documents, servers, data tapes and also secure processing rooms to scan, index, and process information with built in disaster recovery redundancies (primary and secondary) to enable ‘zero’ downtime.

Shailesh Tandekar, country manager, Intelics Solutions, noted that the cloud and data services continues to facilitate seamless business management and expansion for clients.

“Cloud and data services offers reliable, accessible, flexible solution for business to achieve profitable digital transformation and boost revenue. Businesses can now access real time data to make effective growth decision without the risk of losing critical information,” he said.

Intelics Solutions plans to establish its competitive advantage as a preferred information technology enabled service firm not just in Nigeria but an African entity and is poised to grow its presence further in the continent.