• Monday, May 20, 2024
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How Huawei crafts an industrial digital transformation through collaboration

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Huawei has said that collaboration is critical to building a new paradigm of industrial digital transformation.

According to Peng Zhongyang, Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei, collaboration is the best way to achieve what every company desires which is to “make the cake bigger” and “win-win” outcomes.

“The tremendous potential of digital transformation is to be unleashed on the basis of synergy across five tech domains, in which connectivity, cloud computing, AI and applications develop surrounding 5G in ways never seen before,” Zhongyang said.

In a statement BusinessDay received, Huawei said it has long preferred working with the industry in strategy implementation. In 2018, for instance, Huawei’s logistics park in Dongguan underwent a transformation that lasted for half a year. With the help of automated equipment and intelligent algorithms, delivery efficiency (volume of goods delivered per capita) has increased by 67 percent, and the delivery cycle has been shortened by over 50 percent.

“There are three decisive factors while digitalizing scenarios. The first one is the cutting-edge technology, allowing the integration of ICT with core scenarios. The second one is industry know-how, where we should seek industrial insights in-depth and understand industrial knowledge. Finally, it is all about execution. That is to put all these into practice, turning theories into reality with continuous exploration and innovation,” said Zhongyang.

The first dimension he identifies is to target at the future of digitalization, gain insights into the unsatisfied demands from numerous segmented scenarios in various industries, which is the premise of “the bigger cake”. The second dimension is to aggregate different capabilities of various partners and fully play to their strengths, which is the basis of “baking a bigger cake”. The third is to develop multiple approaches for collaboration and business models and make a conscious effort to create and share value together. This is the permanent force that continually drives the expansion of market size.

Taking Shenzhen Airport as an example. By working with industry-leading solution partners and based on the synergy across five tech domains that integrates end devices, data management, and industry application, Huawei has developed diverse and segmented scenario-based solutions, such as flight schedules, stand allocation, and ground support. In 2019, it helped reduce the number of passengers who took shuttle bus by some 2.6 million, boosting the efficiency of security check by 60 percent. It has led to a safer airport with better efficiency and superior experience tailor-made for travelers.

Now, Huawei has built on the 100 scenario-based solutions, creating more industrial value associated with partners.