• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Google unveils latest tech innovations to enhance user experiences

Google unveils latest tech innovations to enhance user experiences

Google rolled out 15 new developments at the end of its I/O 2023 conference, an annual event where it showcases its latest innovations, product updates, and vision for the future.

At the conference held recently, Google unveiled a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and updates were showcased, all aimed at enhancing user experiences across various platforms, such as the latest developments in generative AI, enhancement of Google Photos, and new features for customising the Android experience.

According to a statement signed by Aparna Pappu, vice president and general manager, Google Workspace, Google I/O made 15 significant announcements, including PaLM 2, a next-generation language model, which offers improved language translation, reasoning, and coding capabilities; Bard, Google’s AI-powered platform, now available in over 180 countries and territories in English, Japanese, and Korean languages.

“Users can now prompt Bard with images through Google Lens and include images in their prompts,” Pappu noted.

Bard’s responses can be exported to Google Docs or Gmail, while new features, including code citations and a dark theme, have been added for developers.

Google announced the integration of Bard with various apps and services, such as Docs, Drive, Maps, and more. It will also be connected with external services and partners, such as Adobe Firefly, Instacart, Khan Academy, and Wolfram. Google’s Workspace apps have also integrated generative AI across all platforms, and Magic Compose, a new feature powered by generative AI, has been added to Google’s Messages.

The Android 14 update promises ‘Material You customisation’, allowing users to personalize their lock screen, new wallpaper options, Night Mode, 10-bit HDR video support for popular social apps like Instagram, stunning photo quality and raising the bar for smartphone photography.

Another new development is Google Photos’ new experimental editing feature, Magic Editor, which is powered by generative AI and enables users to selectively edit specific parts of an image.

Google’s new suite of features and updates aims to enhance online safety and provide users with reliable access to trustworthy content and information. One such feature is the “About This Image” tool, which provides important contextual information, such as when an image was created and where it was published, to help users evaluate the reliability of visual content found online.

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“Adore Me has built our organisation in a way that encourages cross-functional, multidisciplinary projects and the ability to write often presents a roadblock, especially with a highly international team,” said Romain Liot, Chief Operating Officer, Adore Me, while sharing how the new google innovations helped unleashed creativity and increased productivity.

“The ability to quickly create a production-worthy copy with generative AI features in Docs and Gmail has been accelerating projects and processes in ways that have even surprised us!” Liot said

“Instacart is always looking for opportunities to adopt the latest technological innovations,” according to JJ Zhuang, Chief Architect, Instacart “By joining this program, we have access to the new features and can discover how generative AI will make an impact for our teams using Google Workspace,” he said.