• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Mobility pushes revolutionary transformation with tech in transport sector

Mobility pushes revolutionary transformation with tech in transport sector
GIG Mobility, formerly known as God is Good Motors, is investing in the use of technology innovation to enhance customer experience through digitization and is totally transforming Africa’s interstate and regional transportation network systems.
The technology-powered transport company officially launched operations in Ghana last week where it would operate inter-city services in two of its major cities.
“The expansion into Ghana is in line with the company’s agenda to provide great customer experience for commuters across Africa. We are committed to moving people across cities easily and safely. We are launching our Ghana operations with two terminals in the cities of Accra and Kumasi where we will run the Accra /Kumasi route as well as the Accra / Nigeria route. We plan to cut across major regions in Ghana in the shortest possible time,” Vuakpor Muoghereh, chief operating officer, GIG Mobility told BusinessDay.
As a forward thinking company, the GIGM has launched several technology-driven tools to redefine transport, including its booking app available on Google play store and iOS for Apple users and its locally developed enterprise mobility platform which allows interested investors to operate in the transport industry through the GIGM enterprise partner model.


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Although the market competition is tightening for operators in the transport technology market, especially for players who use mobile applications (apps) to run taxi businesses, GIGM has become the continent’s first interstate transport business with operations even outside Nigeria. The company has in many ways proven to understand mobility in Africa.
BusinessDay gathers GIGM is the first company in Ghana to power intercity/state/region transportation with the use of end-to-end technology solutions and the first transport platform in Ghana to engage in intercity operations.
Chidi Ajaere, executive chairman of the GIG Group, announced that the company is undergoing complete restructuring and strategically repositioning for global opportunities but is at the same time, very mindful of the need to learn from its local experiences in Nigeria and elsewhere.
“GIG mobility is committed to moving people freely and easily. We believe in the digitalization of transportation and are very deliberate in our approach. We want to change the way transport is done in Africa with key focus on the interstate/city space, one country at a time. Ghana has a rich market that is yet to be fully explored. Road transportation accounts for over 90 percent of the passenger traffic in the country. With our customer first approach and reliance on technology, we will positively impact the sector,” Ajaere said.
As transformation in all sectors is the key to economic growth, digital transformation in transport, a critical industry that adds about 10 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is no doubt seen as a revolutionary move which will greatly impact any economy.
Some of the advantages of its mobility platform are that; expansion across the continent become even more seamless by making it possible for investors to own GIGM branded and run vehicles, thereby eliminating the need for the company to invest in owning her fleet in the long run and focus on developing advanced technology for Africa’s transport system.
In addition, mobile apps for travel booking guarantee no waiting in bus lines. By just downloading the GIGM app on a smart device or through the web and creating an account, users are able to book a bus trip, hire a bus, check ride history, check and confirm booking status, see the amount being charged before the trip, track a bus, view driver profile and enjoy other features.