• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Fundall relaunches to drive diverse possibilities in Nigerian fintech space

Fundall relaunches to drive diverse possibilities in Nigerian fintech space

Fundall, an end-to-end full-stack digital bank committed to promoting financial inclusion and literacy, and a member of the Emerging Africa Group, has relaunched to drive diverse possibilities in the Nigerian fintech space.

According to the company, it will achieve this by empowering Africans with financial tools to make intelligent financial decisions.

“After acquisition by the Emerging Africa Group, we’ve had time to undertake scaling in terms of manpower, technology, and our resources. A forward-thinking organization like ours will continue to give strategic importance to the lucky human beings of Fundall.

“Post-acquisition, it was evident that we could not constrain ourselves to one income stream which is why we now have multiple income channels. We have Fundall retail and we also have the Fundall business, and with this, we can ensure sustainability and diversification,” Abimbola Shopeju, Managing Director, Fundall, said.

In a bid to help its users manage their money better, build better financial habits, grow personal wealth, save more, hit financial targets, create automated saving funds, and earn in dollars, the company says it has built an app that is equipped with cash flow analytics, as well as a budget planner.

“The portfolio line of credit and the fund me the loan that we have available on the app will give users the opportunity to get perhaps against savings that they have locked in. For employees, the salary advance variance is also something for you,” Shopeju said.

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Other features include payment of bills, facilitation of lifestyle, being rewarded with bonuses for transactions made, and earning badges. With all these, the company aspires to have a minimum of 80 percent of its customers and base generating revenue.

Speaking on the contributions of technology and digitisation, Onikepo Akande, Chairman, Emerging Africa Group, stated that Fundall products and services have been designed and developed in such a way that it speaks to every generation in the life cycle.

“Any customer market-focused business knows that being agile and predictive with consumer needs, as well as creating customer-centered solutions that speak to their needs, becomes a game changer in relation to the adoption of initiative and generation of revenue.”

According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, your most unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning. The group chairman further stated that “at Fundall, we are constantly improving, learning and prioritizing our customers. We strongly believe customer centricity is the culture of putting the customer at the center of everything we do.”