Flutterwave to shut down virtual dollar card service

Flutterwave, in a message to its customers today, says it will be shutting down its virtual dollar card(s) service also known as Bartercard from July 17th, 2022.

According to the company, it is stopping the service because of an update from its card partner, which will cause the card service to be unavailable for an extended period of time.

This means that Nigerians will no longer be able to carry out dollar transactions on the platform, this development would also worsen dollar transaction problems for Nigerians who are leveraging the service to make purchases outside the country, it said.

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The company noted that once the card is ineffective, Nigerians who leverage its service will be unable to make online and in-store payments and purchases using the virtual dollar card(s).

Furthermore, access to funds will be unavailable, and existing virtual dollar card(s) will be terminated, with its corresponding balance credited to your payment balance, the company said.

“We are working with our card partner to restore the service as soon as possible,” Flutterwave noted. While advising its customers to unlink their dollar card(s) from any recurring payments and replace them with another payment method.

In addition, the barter USD card is been used on most merchant sites and payment sites like Uber, Google Play, Apple Music, Asos, Udemy, Coursera, AliExpress, Namecheap, Facebook, PayPal, and more for payments and purchases.

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