• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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EGO Foundation, OGITECH partner to upskill 5,000 youths

EGO Foundation, OGITECH partner to upskill 5,000 youths

EGO Foundation has partnered with OGITECH’s management, the Student Union, and Access Bank to equip students in Ogun State with vital employability skills. The training took place at the Twin Hall A of the Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH), Nigeria.

EGO Foundation, dedicated to reducing poverty and unemployment across Africa, has taken a significant step in empowering Nigerian students in Ogun State.

Their mission aligns with the ambitious goal of reaching out to 5,000 students and recent graduates from various tertiary institutions. Through this initiative, these young individuals are equipped with the necessary skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and success in the workplace.

Toluwase Olaniyan, Executive Director of EGO Foundation conducted an engaging session on crafting effective CVs (Curriculum Vitae). The participants actively took part in this hands-on workshop, where they fine-tuned their CVs using step-by-step guidance provided by the director, an experienced Human Resources professional.

In addition, he shared valuable insights into making a CV stand out to potential employers, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

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The workshop didn’t stop at CV writing; it also delved into creating and optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Olaniyan stressed the significance of having a professional headshot and led the participants in developing captivating self-introductions that effectively communicate their skills and values to potential recruiters or organisations.

During the training, he said “All participants should embrace self-improvement and cultivate problem-solving abilities. While emphasizing the value of being “solutionists,” individuals who can provide innovative solutions to challenges. His message resonated strongly: “Organisations are keen on having SOLUTIONISTS on their teams.”