• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Dukka launches graduate internship program for software engineers

Dukka launches graduate internship program for software engineers

Dukka, a digital bookkeeping and payment solutions provider for merchants, has announced the launch of its graduate internship program known as DIP Fellows. The fellowship is targeted at entry-level talents who seek to pursue a software engineering career in technology.

After running two successful cohorts in stealth mode, the fellowship is putting a call out for applications from qualified candidates for cohort 3.

“Our ethos is founded on the belief that anyone with a curious and logical mind and having the right attitude to learn can indeed be transformed into a revered engineer in a short period of time. After running two successful cohorts, it is time for us to officially launch this fellowship as we are very pleased to have created a graduate internship program that truly works,” Keturah Ovio, Founder and CEO of Dukka, said.

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DIP Fellows’ call for application is ongoing and will close on the 17th of March, 2022. The next cohort will start their training on the 4th of April, 2022.

Founded in May 2021, the startup is on a mission to build digital bookkeeping and payment solutions for today and tomorrow’s African merchants, as well as make technology for individuals and businesses affordable in terms of access and easy use.

This competitive and paid graduate internship program will imbibe best-in-class mastery, character, interpersonal skills, and work ethics in the next generation of entry-level African talents, enabling them to thrive in today’s workplace.

“If there is one thing startups and even big corporations share in common, it is sourcing for high potential talents at the entry level, and attracting top talents at intermediate to senior levels. Dukka is solving its own engineering deficit problem through this initiative,” Ovio said.

According to the company, the DIP fellows’ website was designed by a current DIP fellow.