• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Dreamworks to bridge Nigeria’s ICT access gaps with device financing

Dreamworks to bridge Nigeria’s ICT access gaps with device financing

Dreamworks Integrated Communication Limited, an innovative technology, support and service company is bridging ICT access gaps in the country through its device financing initiative.

Chichi Aylor, group head of marketing at Dreamworks Integrated while speaking at an event organised to celebrate its 20th anniversary and raise awareness about its rebranding in Lagos, highlighted the company’s focus on device financing to address this challenge.

“Device financing is pivotal in ensuring that everyone who needs an ICT gadget can afford one,” Aylor stated.

“It’s a numbers game, and we have to accommodate the fluctuating exchange rates. Since last year, we have focused heavily on device financing and have sought out partners to make this possible.”

A report by ETH Zürich said ICT supports business development, empowers the poor, improves access to education and health services, and even helps prevent natural disasters. However, these benefits can only be realized if access to ICT is improved.

One of the challenges in Nigeria is the lack of manufacturing capacity for ICT devices, leading to a heavy reliance on imports. The high exchange rate further compounds this issue, making ICT gadgets unaffordable for many Nigerians.

To address this challenge by integrating device financing into its processes, he said “We’ve invested in growing our power subsidiary, offering alternative sources of energy like inverters and solar solutions, which are more sustainable in the long run.”

“We’ve also introduced device financing across all categories to make gadgets more affordable.” “We collaborate with partners to invest in community building. For example, we organize workshops and training sessions to empower our communities.”

Dreamworks also supports Nigerian brands and encourages others to do the same. Aylor explained, “We patronize made-in-Nigeria brands and focus on products that solve problems, whether Nigerian or not. Supporting Nigerian brands helps grow the economy.”

“We want to collaborate with our community, OEMs, and other partners to ensure that our vision of enriching everyone is achieved,” he said. “Our logo reflects our commitment to partnership, and we are actively seeking new opportunities for collaboration.”