• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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CWG unveils new subsidiary, FifthLab at 30 years anniversary

Adewale Adeyipo acquires major stake in CWG

CWG Plc, a Pan-Africa systems solutions company that specialises in a wide array of information technology (IT) services has unveiled its subsidiary ‘FifthLab’ to expand its operations as it celebrates her 30th year of connecting the world from Africa through tech.

FifthLab is an advanced technology subsidiary of the company through which it is building products and services that solve day-to-day payment problems for individuals and businesses.

Adewale Adeyipo, chief executive officer and Managing director at CWG Plc said, “As we reflect on our history, showcasing our humble beginnings, our victories, our losses, and above all our learning as a knowledge-driven organisation. These experiences have produced the opportunity to refine our corporate strategy and values, eventually birthing our CWG 2.0 roadmap.

He also stated that the establishment of our training academy is an act of cementing learning as an integral part of our ethics and culture.

According to the company, FifthLab is diversified to provide not just payment solutions that allow for easy paying of bills and making various payments, but also a cooperative society that allows people to receive loans to carry out their various transactions.

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Austin Okere, founder and executive vice chairman at CWG Plc noted that the retail payment systems and financial services being digitised is now a top goal for economic growth.

“With a wider variety of financial services, it gives the chance to reach far more people at much lower costs and provide them with what they need to develop resilience and seize chances,” he said.

However, to commemorate this milestone CWG plc also launched a number of year-long activities including the Transform-a-School Initiative, Pitch for Transformation Challenge, Youth Boot Camp, Award and Gala Night, and Thanksgiving service.

The company noted that it is in the process of creating its own international institute of professional security (IIPs) in response to tackling some of the challenges that come with off-the-shelf solutions for the market.

In addition, CWG is positioned to remain committed to serving customers, deepening its relationships with partners and all stakeholders.