CR2 software enables fast digital banking integration for Access Bank

CR2, an omni-channel banking software and solutions company has announced the success of Access Bank to have completed the merging of its digital banking platforms to one of the best banking platforms in the world, using CR2’s technology system.

Asif Sheikh, the vice president, digital banking, CR2, made this disclosure while speaking at a roundtable conference tagged; “Ireland: Leading the fintech revolution,” held in Lagos on November 1, 2019. The event brought top Irish fintech companies and players in the Nigerian fintech space together to discuss the impact and future of financial technology solutions in the country.

Speaking on the complete merger of all Diamond Bank and Access Bank digital banking platforms, Asif reiterated that the CR2 software has enabled Access bank, which is now the largest retail bank in Africa with over 29 million customers, to seamlessly upgrade its digital and technology platforms to one of the best platforms in the world.

“CR2 is very happy to have played a large part in this. This achievement represents one of the fastest integrations of two significant banks in Africa” Sheikh said.

While explaining the merger process, Asif said that the complex project included the integration of CR2’s digital banking platform to core banking systems, multiple channel banking services and with over 3,000 ATM’s.

He added that the company’s scalable, secure and robust platform is helping Access bank deliver a faster, more reliable service than ever before.

Daniel Akumabor, country manager in Nigeria for CR2, disclosed that the migration process took three months for completion.

“It was done within three months to bring into one system over 3,000 ATMs. We have the largest ATM in the country and our system is so robust, also very user-friendly. This one was done by our access bank staff working in the background and bringing all the digital customers over to our solution,” he said.

Also speaking, Afolabi Oke, managing director, Global Infoswitch, described the integration process as the fastest in Nigeria, calling on other banks to adopt Omni-one solutions for speedy delivery of services.

“What makes it more interesting, if you remember the first round of consolidation of banks, it took them over a year to integrate. For us, this is the fastest integration ever in Nigeria, thanks to CR2 channel and omni-one which has made it very seamless and beneficial to customers.”

“This is a call to other banks. Technology does not have to be very difficult. Technology is what is driving the world so it is important that banks adopt omni-one solutions.

“All your banking operation can be checked, varying from your ATM, to mobile banking, and the likes. Gone are the days when banks are counting the number of branches that they have, fundamentally it is to get involved in technology to help meet the needs of your customer,” Oke said.


Jumoke Akiyode-Lawanson