• Monday, December 11, 2023
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ChatGPT, others top most visited AI tools in 2023

Charting the course of AI in Nigeria’s business terrain

ChatGPT and nine (9) other top-most visited AI tools from September 2022 to August 2023, according to a recent study by Writerbuddy.

The report, which explored the AI industry’s growth for one year, disclosed that out of the 3,000 AI tools covered, ChatGPT stands out, attracting 14 billion visits, or 60 percent of the top 50 AI tool traffic, out of the 24 billion total visits during this period.

According to the AI report, ChatGPT, Character AI, and Google Bard witnessed net traffic growths of 1.8 billion, 463.4 million, and 68 million visits, respectively.

However, not all sailed in the same boat. Craiyon, MidJourney, and QuillBot faced significant traffic declines during the same period.

Writerbuddy used SEMrush, a reliable SEO tool, to collect data. All information was gathered from AI tool directories and narrowed down to the most visited 10.


ChatGPT, an AI chatbot launched in November 2022, recorded a monumental total traffic of 14.6 billion over the past year, averaging 1.5 billion visits every month. It dominated the chart by accounting for a staggering 60.17% of the entire traffic.

Character AI

Another AI Chatbot, Character AI introduced in September 2022

garnered significant attention with a total of 3.8 billion visits. With an average monthly visit of 318.8 million, it contributed to 15.77 percent of the overall traffic.


Quillbot, specialising in AI writing, attracted a total of 1.1 billion visits over the year. Averaging 94.6 million visits monthly, it represented 4.68 percent of the total traffic. However, it faced a slight decline, with a net loss of 5.1 million visits, equating to an average monthly loss of 461.4k.

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Midjourney, an AI-powered image generator platform launched in July 2022, drew a total of 500.4 million visits. With a monthly average of 41.7 million, it constituted 2.06 percent of the entire traffic. The platform, unfortunately, experienced a decline with a net traffic loss of 8.7 million, averaging a monthly dip of 787.7k.

Hugging Face

Huggingface, catering to data science enthusiasts, secured a total of 316.6 million visits. With its monthly visits averaging at 26.4 million, it contributed to 1.31 percent of the total traffic.

Google Bard

Google’s March 2023 entry saw a remarkable 241.6 million visits in just 6 months. Its monthly average stood at 34.5 million, comprising 1.00 percent of the total traffic. The platform enjoyed a net growth of 68 million, which means an average monthly increase of 11.3 million.


Novelai, an AI writing tool, reported a total of 238.7 million visits. Averaging 19.9 million visits every month, it made up 0.98 percent of the entire traffic. The tool saw a net growth of 10.1 million or an average monthly increment of 918.9K visits.


Capcut, a video generator, amassed a total traffic of 203.8 million. With 17 million visits each month on average, it contributed 0.84 percent to the overall traffic. The platform experienced a net traffic growth of 14.6 million, which breaks down to a monthly gain of 1.3 million.

Janitor AI

Janitorai, another AI chatbot, attracted a total of 192.4 million visits. Its standout feature was its high monthly average of 48.1 million visits, comprising 0.79 percent of the entire traffic. It showed a robust net growth of 48.8 million, with an average monthly leap of 16.3 million.


Civitai, an image generator tool, drew 177.2 million visits in total. Averaging 17.7 million visits monthly, it constituted 0.73 percent of the total traffic. The platform marked a net traffic growth of 23.3 million, translating to a monthly increase of 2.6 million.