• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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ALX enrolls 30,000 new AiCE learners across Africa

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ALX Africa, a tech career accelerator has announced the enrollment of 30,000 new learners across Africa into its Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AiCE) programme.

Gavin Peter, vice president, community and culture, ALX, stated that the significant milestone underscores ALX’s commitment to fostering a new generation of leaders across Africa, equipped with innovative skills in AI technology.

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According to him, “It is our usual ritual to start our ALX courses. We want our learners to feel welcome and part of the family. ALX is a community where we all belong and meet each other. We want to upskill young Africans and prepare them to launch so that they can grow their careers and make an impact,” Peter stated, emphasising the essence of the event, termed ‘Karibu’ which means welcome in Swahili.

The AiCE programme offered by ALX introduces participants to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools essential to their professional practice. According to Peters, for six weeks, learners will be equipped with knowledge of the rapid advancement of AI and its increasing relevance across various industries.

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“Through this course, ALX takes on the responsibility of equipping African talents with the necessary expertise to harness the potential available with Artificial Intelligence,” Peter stated, disclosing that over 5,000 of the 30,000 learners’ onboarded across Africa are from Nigeria. Others are from Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya.

According to him, this significant feat is a testament to the dedication and resilience shown by ALX Nigeria. He stated further that it also shows a strong and vibrant community, impactful engagements, and evidential testimonials of personal and professional growth are only a few of the many identifiers of the success.

Ruby Igwe, country general manager, ALX, stated that through the AI Career Essentials programme, the firm aims to cultivate a diverse community of innovators who will drive technological advancement and economic growth across the continent.

“We are immensely proud to welcome 30,000 new learners to our AI programme. This milestone reflects our dedication to providing accessible, world-class education that empowers individuals to shape the future of Africa,” she stated.

According to Igwe, ALX is not just a learning platform, rather it is a community where learners come together to grow, inspire, and support one another. “As we extend our heartfelt Karibu to our new learners, we are excited to witness the impact they will make as they harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and change across Africa.”

She disclosed further that ALX remains dedicated to expanding access to transformative education and empowering African talents to lead in the fourth industrial revolution. “As the continent continues to embrace technological innovation, ALX stands as a beacon of hope, guiding learners toward a future filled with endless possibilities.

“Karibu to all our new AiCE learners; as they embark on this exciting adventure together, the possibilities are just limitless,” Igwe stated.