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3 pathways techies can relocate to the UK

3 pathways techies can relocate to the UK

Nigerian professionals in tech seeking legitimate pathways to relocate and settle in the United Kingdom (UK) can access these three pathways readily available to them.

According to eMigr8, a reputable tech talent visa platform, professionals in the country whether experienced in tech or switching careers can take advantage of the UK Global Talent Visa, the UK Skilled Worker Visa, and the UK Innovator Founder Visa.

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Bade Adesemowo, eMigr8 co-founder during an online session emphasised that these visa types are also available to professionals who have either moved to the UK on a student visa or a startup visa but are seeking easier pathways to settlement, or to those who are simply looking for ways to relocate and settle in the European country.

Adesemowo explained that the UK Global Talent Visa, also known as the Tech Nation Visa, is available for individuals who have shown promise or are established talents in the technology field.

“For this visa, the UK is looking for individuals who have established themselves as talents in the field of technology,” he said “Those who have less than five years of experience can apply under the ‘exceptional promise’ category, indicating their potential to become a talent in the field of technology in the future. Alternatively, the ‘exceptional talent’ visa is available for those with over five years of experience who can demonstrate their outstanding work in tech. The assessment considers their achievements and innovation.”

The tech innovator also described the UK Skilled Worker Visa as another reliable pathway to settlement in the UK for tech talents. He stressed that the visa type is available to tech enthusiasts who can secure employment which requires a certificate of sponsorship within their chosen tech career path.

The third visa type available to tech talents seeking to settle in the UK, Adesemowo stated, is the UK Innovator Founder Visa. According to him, the visa type which used to be two visas (the UK Startup Visa and the UK Innovative Visa), is favourable to startup founders and aspiring startup founders.

He explained, “With the UK Innovator Founder Visa, tech talents are no longer restricted to working only for their startup. They can work for any startup in the UK as long as they are actively building their startup. But to land this visa, they will need to have a startup that will be judged by the endorsing body as innovative, viable, and scalable.”

Adesemowo, while advising Nigerian professionals to do their research and seize the available opportunities, explained that eMigr8’s primary focus is to assist individuals across different levels and industries in effortlessly achieving their settlement goals in the UK through intensive coaching. He revealed that applicants do not necessarily need to have kicked off their tech careers but must have an interest in the field.

“We will work with new tech professionals to help them become tech talents and achieve global attractiveness within six months. Although the journey of applicants with tech experience could be shorter, interested individuals don’t necessarily need to have any previous tech background to get started and succeed,” he said.

The techpreneur emphasised that in addition to coaching tech enthusiasts on the pathways to settling in the UK with their families, including helping them discover innovative ideas to build their startup, eMigr8 would also assist them in securing jobs that meet the visa requirements, if necessary.

He, however, explained that while eMigr8 provides free services that cater to the different levels of guidance required, tech talents may need to make significant investments to achieve their UK settlement goals.

“For professionals seeking to settle in the UK, we’re estimating an investment budget ranging from £10,000 to about £75,000, depending on the level and type of application required. In the context of immigration, ‘settling’ refers to the process of obtaining permanent residency and, eventually, UK citizenship. With these visa pathways we’re discussing, the journey to British citizenship can take as little as four years or up to six years, depending on individual circumstances. This journey is tailored to each individual’s unique situation and we are available to guide them through it,” he added.

With a reputable track record in providing information, advice and coaching to tech enthusiasts, eMigr8 has recorded over 40 direct cases of individuals who successfully landed various visas, such as the US O-1 Visa, UK Global Talent Visa, UK Startup Visa, and more. The tech talent visa platform offers enthusiasts access to free information through social communities on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.