• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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3.0 Verse, SIBAN to boost blockchain education in Nigeria

3.0 Verse, SIBAN to boost blockchain education in Nigeria

3.0 Verse, a digital assets company, has launched operations in Nigeria, marking its entry into Africa.

At the inauguration ceremony held recently in Lagos, the firm also announced a partnership with the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria to boost blockchain education and adoption.

Speaking at the event, Mayur Poddar, the Director of 3.0 Verse, highlighted the company’s commitment to addressing the concerns arising from the devaluation of the naira.

“Today, we are here in Africa to launch our platform to all the Nigerian and African users. The current devaluation of the currency in Nigeria has been a tremendous worry for all the people of Nigeria. Whether it is a professional trader or a housewife, anybody can learn, educate themselves and then get into this digital era of the world,” said Poddar.

Established in 2021, the firm positions itself as a comprehensive digital assets company and is on a mission to simplify digital assets for everyday users. It has a user base of 3 million.

Elaborating on the company’s educational focus, Poddar stated, “There are a lot of things happening in the digital world, crypto, and blockchain, that people are not clear where to start their journey from. So, the company educates people through its platform.”

Commenting on the partnership with 3.0 Verse, Obinna Iwuno, the President of SIBAN, noted that the collaboration aims to enhance blockchain and crypto education in Nigeria.

“The event’s purpose is a partnership with 3.0 Verse and SIBAN. 3.0 Verse is coming into Africa, and our partnership with them is for Blockchain and crypto education. With this, we hope to get more people educated about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,” he said.

Iwuno expressed optimism that increased education could lead to implementing digital asset regulations in Africa, particularly Nigeria. He also highlighted the potential for infrastructure development, fostering ecosystem growth through blockchain solutions.

On his part, Clever Sunny, Operations Manager at 3.0 Verse, shed light on the company’s decision to choose Nigeria as its entry point into Africa.

“The crypto industry in Nigeria is the biggest in Africa, with the fastest adoption rate in the world, government acceptance, and many crypto investments. Studies show that 35% of Nigerians aged 18 to 60 are investing or trading digital assets,” he explained.